Tax Away!


Today (17th July 2014) sees the closure of Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) offices in Northern Ireland. This is because the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea will now take over full responsibility for all vehicle licensing services from Monday 21st July 2014. Stating the obvious, this means that you will no longer […]

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Restricted 45mph


Speed Awarness on Restricted 45mph Word has reached us that new riders riding on R plates have been stopped by the PSNI and have been “informed” that they are restricted to 45mph and thus are “breaking” the law. However this is not strictly true – naturally if you are doing 45mph in a 30mph limit […]

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“MoT Sculduggery……”


We love this spoof story on “MoT Sculduggery As 100% Pass Rate Investigated In Cookstown” from the Tyrone Tribulations – News from amongst the bushes. The main gist of the story is: “The chief of NI Vehicle Testing Agency has confirmed they have proof of underhand dealings at Cookstown Vehicle Test Centre after a bogus […]

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Outraged At London


Over the last few months we have been reporting on the threat to 300 employees of losing their jobs at the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency)  in Northern Ireland. The threat which is now a reality and looks like a foregone conclusion, as the announcement has been made by Ministers in London, to centralise all […]

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Rolling Road Trials


For the last several months there have been rumours that the Driver & Vehicle and Testing Agency (DVTA) in Northern Ireland who “run” the MoT centres, are to introduce a rolling brake test for motorcycles. We at Right To Ride we have had various conversations about what the supposed test would involve. However last week […]

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DVA Recognised


The DVA – Driver & Vehicle Agency has been recognised for exceptionally high standards in customer service Environment Minister Mark H Durkan today – Friday 14th February 2014 – congratulated the DVA on retaining the prestigious Customer Service Excellence Standard. The award is given to organisations that demonstrate that they are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable […]

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Amending the 3DLD Licence


January 2013 saw the introduction of a 3rd European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD). The EU rules introduced amongst other changes were measures claiming to make motorcycling safer as it would ensure that motorcyclists would gain access to more powerful motorcycles by means of experience and/or age. The directive imposed licence categories of minimum ages, especially […]

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DVA Job Cuts Update

nipsa dvajobcuts small

We previously reported on a consultation from the Department for Transport (DfT) in London which looked at centralising the delivery of vehicle and registration services at the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea, the consultation ran until the 11th September 2013. The Department of the Environment (DOE) in Northern Ireland though its previous Minister, […]

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MoT Exemption


Historic vehicles exempt from MoT NI Direct Government Services has reported on their news page that from Monday 30th September 2013, motor cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles manufactured or registered before 1960 will be exempt from the mandatory MoT testing. NI Direct say, “MOT reminders will no longer be issued for these vehicles. The Driver […]

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Motorcycle Roadcraft


Over on the Ride It Right Facebook page, in the middle of August, we reported on the new editions of Roadcraft and Motorcycle Roadcraft from “the Police Foundation”. If you have never heard of “Motorcycle Roadcraft” here is the official blurb about it: “Motorcycle Roadcraft is the definitive guide to better, safer riding. Incorporating current […]

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Moving DVA Services


With less than a week in his new “job” the new Minister for the Department of the Environment (DOE) Mark Durkin is continuing his predecessor, Alex Atwood’s defence to keep the delivery of vehicle and registration services here in Northern Ireland. The Department for Transport (DfT) in London has announced a consultation which will look […]

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