A big thank you to all those individual riders, clubs, groups, associations who supported us through the years.

As we have now “closed” down Right To Ride we are not taking on any more supporters.

If you wish to support rider’s rights in some form in the UK you can join the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) or the Motorcycle Action group (MAG).

For Ireland check out MAG Ireland – The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association.

If you feel none of these are for you can donate directly to the Federation of European Motorcyclists Federation (FEMA) or find your rider organisation from other parts.

Check them all out and their subscription fees from the links on Right To Ride – Click Here

BIG Thanks from Right To Ride to the following Clubs and Businesses.

Ancestors MCC
Biker Dogs MC
Boothill MCC
Chopper Club N. Ireland
Coyotes RC
Dereham & Breckland Bikers MCC
Downriders MCC
East Coast Riders MCC Northern Ireland
Fallen Heroes MCC
Frozen Bones MCC
Frozen Skull MCC
Garvey MCC
Highwaymen MCC
Horny Hogs MCC
Irish Wolfhounds MCC
Keel Wheelers MCC
Lizzie Drakes MCC
Lone Wolves Brotherhood
Mavericks RC Isle of Wight
Mid-Ulster Bikers
N.I. Bikers & Trikers Riding For Charity
NI Rat and Survival Bikes
Northern Coasters Scooter Club
Orchard County MCC
Quay Bikers MCC
Quay Vipers MCC
Road Razers MCC
The End Of The Line MCC
Top Dead Centre MCC
Twisted Sisters
Strand Bikers MCC
Click Here For Details

Adelaide Motorbike Insurance
Ballymena Rider Training
Davy’s Professional Motorcycle Transport
Diamond Trikes
LEARN 2 RIDE Motorcycle Training
Lorna Baker Race Grafix
Module Road & Race
Motorcycling Romania
MotoTech – Motorcycle Service & Performance
Steve Baker Motorcycles
Ridesafe Car & Motorcycle Training
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