Edinburgh Bus Lanes


The BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) and MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) are reporting a victory because of the introduction of a trial in Edinburgh to allow bus lane access for motorcyclists. The BMF full report states that, “Ken Glendinning of BMF and Steve Wykes of Edinburgh MAG have been working, tirelessly with officers and councillors of […]

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DVLA Shade Of Blue


At Right To Ride we have been reporting on the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) in Swansea, taking over the responsibility for all vehicle licensing services in Northern Ireland since the proposal in July 2013 suggesting the move to  Swansea to the withdrawal of issuing a paper tax disc for display on a motorcycle […]

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20mph Limits


Thought you all might be interested in this from the Department for Regional Development (DRD). The Roads (Speed Limit) (No. 3) Order (Northern Ireland) 2014 – looking at reducing the speed limit in Belfast City Center to 20mph and other speed limit changes in other areas in Northern Ireland. So as the document says, “Any […]

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Tax Away!


Today (17th July 2014) sees the closure of Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) offices in Northern Ireland. This is because the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea will now take over full responsibility for all vehicle licensing services from Monday 21st July 2014. Stating the obvious, this means that you will no longer […]

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Riding Through Road Works


The DOE (Department for the Environment) through their “Share The Road To Zero” safety campaign website has highlighted a reminder to – ‘Drive safely through road works’. The DOE reminder states: “There are many road works on-going throughout Northern Ireland to build better roads and improve everyone’s journeys. When you approach road works or see […]

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New Motorcycling Guidelines


IHE launches new motorcycling guidelines website The Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) launched in June 2014 the revised motorcycling guidelines in a brand new multi-platform website. The award winning guidelines have been updated from the 2005 version and set out practical guidance for transportation professionals on providing a safer environment for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. […]

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Non-Slip – Sammy


Updated 23rd June 2014 Sammy Wilson also asked a similar question in the UK Parliament to the Transport Minister – question and reply are below. Updated 20th June 2014 the question asked in the Northern Ireland Assembly by Sammy Wilson has been answered – see below. He can only be described as a motorcycling MLA […]

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Tram Lines


Why you never ride on wet tram lines… Thankfully we don’t have these in Northern Ireland??? Some bad language included!

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Riders Voice


Manhole/service covers are seen by many riders as an object to avoid went out riding, as they are seen as offering less grip especially if worn or in wet conditions. As we have said previously, “It’s Not Rocket Science”, that non-slip solutions are available for metallic manhole or service covers. The latest addition to helping […]

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Ireland’s Speed Limits Review


MAG Ireland has reported that new proposals published by a Speed Limits Working Group are to address the inconsistencies in Ireland’s speed limits. MAG Ireland welcomes the recommendations “as a positive step in ensuring a balanced and transparent approach to the setting of limits appropriate to the road in question. In particular, we welcome the […]

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Did you know that in this years budget, delivered to the UK Parliament in March by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that an extra year of Vehicle Duty (VED) exemption was announced for classic vehicles? We didn’t! The announcement means that from April 2014, vehicles manufactured before January 1974 will join the exemption from the […]

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