A Button Of Difference


As you know at Right To Ride, we deal a lot with road safety and issues that surround motorcycling, both on the website and more up to date information and comments via social media, specifically Facebook. One of the groups we follow on Facebook and sit at the same table with at the Road Safety […]

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Suffering Roads Cuts!


The DRD (Department for Regional Development) Transport Minister Danny Kennedy recently expressed his concerns regarding cuts to the DRD budget that he says will have a significant impact on maintenance services, which are the responsibility of TransportNI. The Minister was speaking before a meeting between TransportNI and Belfast City Council where he was announcing the […]

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Fermanagh Waffle – All Fixed!

waffale plate-thumb-315

Update 24th May 2015 – No More Fermanagh Waffle! Read our original article below and view the pictures to see: that the service cover has been completely replaced……………….our thanks to the rider for picking up the original danger of this service cover, keeping at Transport NI and for Transport NI acting “quickly” after the danger […]

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USA – Vision Zero


USA – The Motorcycle Riders Foundation – MRF – reports that Congress is looking to develop and implement it’s own version of Vision Zero which the MRF say, “Make no mistake that the full implementation of Vision Zero in America would eliminate motorcycling as its known now.” The MRF full report states – Vision Zero […]

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Speed Limit Bill


20 MPH Speed Limits At The Northern Ireland Assembly Previously we have reported on a Private Members’ Bill – Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Bill – being introduced at the Northern Ireland Assembly. On Tuesday of this week this bill when through its second stage to go forward to Committee Stage due on the 15th April […]

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Filtering & Helmets


Australia – Queensland – Motorcycle road rule changes filter through From 1st February 2015, rules for motorcycle riders will be changing in the Australian state of Queensland. The Queensland government say that these changes will include allowing fully licensed motorcycle riders to legally lane filter, ride on road shoulders and in emergency stopping lanes, and […]

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PTWs Exist

Lagan Footbridge Preferred Option pic 2-thumb

Riders of Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs – Motorcycles – Scooters – Mopeds) may indirectly benefit from a new iconic foot and bicycle bridge over the river Lagan as proposals moved a step forward today with the announcement of a preferred option. The Department for Regional Development (DRD) have outlined the proposal bridge as, “A 141 […]

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Tax Disc Gone


From today Wednesday the 1st October 2014, the paper tax disc will no longer need to be displayed on a vehicle. If you haven’t heard or have not been reading our updates on the ending of the paper vehicle tax disc after 93 years, then this article will be new news. Two of the most […]

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Save Time And Money


Europe – The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations FEMA reports that during the summer they carried out mobility tests in various European cities using a combination of different modes of transport. FEMA’s conclusion is that if you want to save time and money – use a bike! However London as a major European city is […]

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Edinburgh Bus Lanes


The BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) and MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) are reporting a victory because of the introduction of a trial in Edinburgh to allow bus lane access for motorcyclists. The BMF full report states that, “Ken Glendinning of BMF and Steve Wykes of Edinburgh MAG have been working, tirelessly with officers and councillors of […]

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DVLA Shade Of Blue


At Right To Ride we have been reporting on the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) in Swansea, taking over the responsibility for all vehicle licensing services in Northern Ireland since the proposal in July 2013 suggesting the move to  Swansea to the withdrawal of issuing a paper tax disc for display on a motorcycle […]

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