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From here you can access the Top Issues that we dealt with, from Consultations – Campaigns – Surveys – Reports – Lobbying.

Issues that evolved from here in Northern Ireland and also those that effected us here from the rest of the UK (Great Britain) – Europe and global issues.

We are also monitored motorcycle issues and were involved at Government Departmental level and lobbying in the background, setting the ground work, for the future.

Access the Campaigns that we are involved in.

Riders on the NI Bikers Forum have voiced concerns and are warning other riders of the hazard of new joints on the M3 Lagan Bridge in Belfast.

Also from Diesel Spills – Fix A Road – No To Throttle Control.

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Access the Consultations that we are involved in.

From safety and delivering a motorcycling safety strategy for Northern Ireland and the establishment of a Motorcycle Forum which would consider an inclusive and strategic approach to motorcycling.

Right To Ride welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department’s consultation on the, “Proposed Changes to the Learner and Restricted Driver Schemes and on Graduated Driver Licensing.”

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Access the issues, campaigns and consultations that we are involved in regarding European matters.

Our main focus is on Northern Ireland however Europe cannot be ignored as motorcycling issues – Directives and Regulations – emanate from the European Commission, its Directive Generals (DGs)  through the decision process to the European Parliament, Council, Committees, working groups and beyond to Global Issues.

The main issues at present are the proposals for  – a new framework regulation for motorcycles – that would aim to regulate emissions and the safety of motorcycles and mandatory Road Worthiness Testing for motorcycles.

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Access the Motorcycle Safety Issues that we are involved in and reporting on.

From our own “Motorcycle Safety in Northern Ireland – The Rider’s Perspective” to answering those that are determined in their views that motorcycling is risky and we should be saved from ourselves!

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Access the Roads and Infrastructure Issues that we are involved in.

What it says, we require a safe environment to ride it and that environment to be as safe as possible for motorcycling when road design and maintenance is planned and completed without being hazardous to motorcyclists.

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Access the issues regarding Testing – Training that we are involved in.

Our principle is that any training and testing must be relevant and cost-effective to actually enhance motorcycle safety; and not merely be a check in traffic to demonstrate that the rider has the required skills to operate a motorcycle in traffic, that address the main causes of accidents involving motorcycles.

In 2011 twenty years after Compulsory Basic Training (CBT ) was introduced in the rest of the United Kingdom, the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) have introduced a system of CBT in Northern Ireland to be completed by those wishing to ride a motorcycle as a learner rider on public roads.

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Access the Featured Motorcycle Issues that we are involved in.

These will involve the motorcycle itself and usually regarding technical matters from emissions to theft.

Over on the forum riders have voiced their concerns regarding the practice, at MOT test centres, that testers are lifting bikes fully onto their side stands to test front and rear wheels and bearings.

Right To Ride would like to thank the DVTA for sorting out this issue and riders at for raising and discussing the issue.

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BikersRVoters is a non – political lobby with no allegiance to parties and those divides.

Elections for the Northern Ireland Assembly and Councils took place on Thursday 5th May 2011.
Our focus was on Road Safety – other vehicle drivers  – the Roads Infrastructure (which should not make roads a dangerous place for motorcyclists) – the influence from EU legislation and the European Commission.
Our main message was and still is that the motorcycle community in general is looking after itself and is involved, aware and are taking responsibility for its own safety.
The next elections due are the European Parliamentary elections which are expected to be held in 2014.

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