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Hi-Viz Last Chance Saloon


Last year we published a short survey for riders to complete. The survey asked riders simple questions regarding High Visibility clothing which were: Do You Wear Hi-Viz  (Yes/No)  and your reason for wearing or not wearing Hi-Viz. The lead up to the survey was mainly because of the proposals in France to make the wearing […]

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Playing With Fire


Riding Without A Helmet Is Like Playing With Fire is from a series of “Playing with Fire” posters from the European Youth Forum for Road Safety. If like us at Right To Ride you are the wrong side of your 21st birthday the European Youth Forum for Road Safety Facebook page is worth checking out, […]

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Driverless Cars Competition


At Right To Ride we are not adverse to technology and like to keep abreast with on-going developments in the motorcycle and transport world. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) have been developed more and more and the concept of driverless cars has been mooted for years. However this form of transport has come one step closer […]

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ACEM 20th Anniversary


ACEM the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers celebrated part of this years 20th Anniversary celebrations with a cocktail reception held on the 24th June at the BMW Brand Store in Brussels. “The event provided an opportunity for former Secretary General Jacques Compagne to say farewell to ACEM members and key EU stakeholders, as he is […]

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USA Motorcycle Lobby

Harley Davidson in Rome

Last year we published an article entitled the – Strong Global Lobby! This started with the statement – Do you know that outside of Europe, motorcycle lobbying, along with Riders Rights, is alive and kicking…….……………. This is certainly true in the USA state of Washington at the Senate Transportation Committee. At the public hearing the […]

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Heavy Quadricycles Tests


Euro NCAP Crash Tests on Heavy Quadricycles Euro NCAP has tested four heavy quadricycles in a special safety campaign. They say that vehicles tested have performed very poorly and some have shown serious risks of life threatening injuries. Adding that although street-legal, quadricycles do not have to pass any of the rigorous crash tests to […]

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Filtering Australia


Here in the UK filtering (riding slowly between stationary or slow moving vehicles) on a motorcycle/scooter/moped is an accepted and legitimate practice. However this has not been “legal” or accepted by authorities in other countries including the Australian State of NSW (New South Wales). However from the 1st July 2014 motorcycle lane filtering will be […]

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EU Travels


As we travel on an extended lifestyle journey to the Southern States of Europe – Spain and Portugal – via France we have been posting on the Right To Ride EU Facebook page. This has composed mainly of pictures and some comments on the difference between these states and the Northern European State of the […]

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ACEM’s “New” Man


ACEM the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) has announced the appointment of Antonio Perlot as its new Secretary General, with effect from 1 May 2014. Mr Perlot was appointed at the ACEM General Assembly in March 2013 and will replace Jacques Compagne (61), who after 10 years at the helm of ACEM will be […]

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FIM – Public Policy Newsletter


The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM, Federation of International Motorcycling) has announced the re-launch of its Public Policy Newsletter. The decision to re-launch the newsletter was taken at last months FIM Commissions Conference in Geneva, Jesper Christensen, Director of the Public Affairs Commission said, “Previously the focus was very much on the European scene, but […]

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RWT – MEPs Vote


At the European Parliament in Strasbourg MEPs voted yesterday, 11th March 2014 and accepted the deal with member states on minimum common standards for periodic vehicle inspections, vehicle registration documents and roadside inspections of commercial vehicles. We have been reporting on the original European Commission proposal for a regulation since 2010, which would have included […]

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