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PTW – The Significant Role


News from FEMA about the White Paper on Transport FEMA – The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations reports that the European Parliament’s Transport Committee ‘stresses that motorcycles play a significant role in sustainable mobility, especially in urban areas where they contribute to tackling congestion and parking problems’. Back in March we reported on the E.U. […]

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FIM Safety Malta – Insurance


Perhaps because we are getting a bit jaded or just because as Right To ride EU we will be retiring shortly, but this conference in a long line of endless safety conferences seems the same as the last one and the last one before that. They all appear to be an exercise cerebral masturbation. While […]

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Fresh Insight – Type Approval


Everything you need to know about Type Approval The British Motorcyclists Federation’s (BMF) automotive engineering expert Ted Foreman provides useful information for those unsure about exactly what this EU-wide regulation means. Ted certainly gives a a fresh insight into this often misunderstood subject, with a sane and responsible article! As the BMF ask, Why do […]

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FIM – FEMA – Togetherness!


FIM (Fédération Internationale Motocycliste) Europe reports that it has hosted a meeting with FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Association) representatives in the FIM Europe office in Rome, with plans for the future to advance the cooperation of FIM, FIM Europe and FEMA. FIM Europe Vice President Silvio Manicardi hosted two days of talks with representaives […]

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ACEM 2015 Annual Conference


LET’S INNOVATE! L-category vehicles? Today’s smart choice for the future ACEM’s annual conference will take place on 24 September 2015 at the Renaissance Hotel, 19, Rue du Parnasse, Brussels. The conference, which will run from 12:30 to 17:00, will be split in two sessions. The place of L-category vehicles in the European Union The first […]

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FIM Europe Strategic Moves


The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) Europe has announced that its Strategic Plan Working Group (SPWG) has met in Italy with the aim of developing FIM Europe strategies for the next five/ten years. Part of those strategies appear to mention the road going rider along with motorcycle sport to strengthen the position of motorcycling in […]

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Hi-Viz In France


Straight from the website of the French Riders Group – FFMC – the end of their government plans for riders to wear hi-viz is finally transposed into law to carry a hi-viz vest on/in their motorcycle and other vehicles – three-wheeled motorized or non bodywork motor quadricycle. The hi-viz should have a CE mark certifying […]

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Alcohol Code 69

drink bony hand-thumb-315

Europe – We are falling a bit short on worthwhile European motorcycle news, so here is something from the European Commission on alcohol interlocks and a new EU driving licence code. Here is what the European Commission have to say. To improve road safety the European Commission has just introduced a harmonised EU code on […]

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How Safe Are Your Roads?


The European Commission – Mobility And Transport (DG MOVE) have asked the question – How safe are your roads? – and state that their road safety statistics show that there has been a small improvement for 2014. Following two years of solid decreases in the number of people killed on Europe’s roads, the first reports […]

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No Surprise – No Accident


“All accidents are the result of prediction failure. Surprise is Nature’s way of telling us we have experienced such a failure. If there is no surprise, there can be no accident” The aim of the ‘No Surprise: No Accident’ campaign is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes by shifting the way we think about […]

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Transport Mid Term Review


E.U. Consultation – Mid-term review of the 2011 White Paper on Transport Part of the 2011 White Paper on Transport was towards a ‘zero-vision’ on road safety, with a particular attention which included motorcyclists The specifics of that attention are to: Harmonise and deploy road safety technology – such as driver assistance systems, (smart) speed […]

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