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Technical Minutiae


At Right To Ride we like looking at the small, trifling details of motorcycle technicalities and there is no better place to find all of this than at the European Commission – DG Enterprise and Industry – Automotive Industry Committees and Expert Working Group Motorcycle Working Group (MCWG) which held a meeting today 17th December […]

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Health With Bikes


Last month we queried whether the ETSC – European Road Safety Transport Council – a European based safety body, had lost the plot. We did this because Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director had stated that, “Amidst the headlines surrounding the possibility of an outbreak of Ebola in Europe over the last few weeks, I can’t […]

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EU Motorcyclists Forum


Europe – The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations has started to promote the “European Motorcyclists Forum” which will be held in Brussels – Belgium on the 2nd and 3rd February 2015. The forum will be hosted by the European Parliament members – MEPs – Inés Ayalá-Sender (S&D) – Spain, and Wim van de Camp (EPP) […]

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Future Tense


ACEM the motorcycle manufacturers’ association in Europe has released the latest edition of its newsletter which in part looks at the future of motorcycling from an industry perspective. According to Antonio Perlot, ACEM Secretary General – the European elections back in May have brought to Brussels many new Members of Parliament – In the coming […]

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Why Motorcyclists Crash


England: From Kevin Williams at Survival Skills, a report on the National Bike Safety Seminar at the Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Training & Development Centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in England. The event was a one-day free workshop organised by Tony Smith, road safety coordinator for Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and was an opportunity […]

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For Whom The Toll Pays


On our travels entering Austria from Italy we had to “pay” and display a Motorway Vignette on the inside of the windshield at the cost of 8.50 euros, then to use the motorway we had to pay 8.50 euros more. Although the same price appeared to apply to motorcycles as well as cars for the […]

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Event Data Recorder Devices


A research study regarding Event Data Recorders (EDRs) just published by Directorate General For Internal Policies and requested by the European Parliament’s Committee (MEPs) on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) has the intention to inform the European parliamentary debate on the topic. The study looks at the contribution that EDRs could make to EU road safety […]

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General Secretary – FEMA


The Swedish riders organisation SMC is asking some interesting questions. Can you imagine living near Brussels? Can you speak and write English without any problems? The reason for these questions is because the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Association is looking for a new General Secretary. The successful candidate will be FEMA’s 6th General Secretary, the […]

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ACEM – Yesterday’s Rider


ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, has unveiled its new road safety strategy, the “Safe Ride to the Future” initiative to the world at the 10th International Motorcycle Conference (IfZ) in Cologne, Germany, which coincided with this year’s Intermot motorcycle show. ACEM comments that the document sets out the European motorcycle industry’s commitment to […]

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FIM Institute


The FIM – Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme has proudly announced the inauguration of the FIM Institute. The Institute set up by the FIM is a non-profit organisation which is located in the TechnoPark MotorLand (Alcañiz, Spain), that will develope technological solutions to improve safety in motorsport and sustainability in the world of motorcycling. All of […]

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Save Time And Money


Europe – The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations FEMA reports that during the summer they carried out mobility tests in various European cities using a combination of different modes of transport. FEMA’s conclusion is that if you want to save time and money – use a bike! However London as a major European city is […]

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