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Filtering & Helmets


Australia – Queensland – Motorcycle road rule changes filter through From 1st February 2015, rules for motorcycle riders will be changing in the Australian state of Queensland. The Queensland government say that these changes will include allowing fully licensed motorcycle riders to legally lane filter, ride on road shoulders and in emergency stopping lanes, and […]

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Wales At A Junction

Welsh Government_K

Wales: A competition for a project the ‘Innovation in Reducing Motorcyclist Casualties in Wales’ is a new national competition launched by the Welsh Government to drive forward Wales’ innovation agenda. The competition is funded by the Welsh Government and Innovate UK, and jointly run with RoSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – […]

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Safer Motorcycling in Europe


FIM Europe the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme a sponsor of the upcoming European Motorcyclists’ Forum asks the question – “How to tackle motorcycle safety challenges for the next decade?” FIM Europe say,“This is the question to which RIDERSCAN project will commit to give an answer.” They explain that the EU co-financed RIDERSCAN project, a European […]

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European Motorcyclists’ Forum


MAG Ireland – The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association has annouced that Irish Riders will be represented at the forthcoming European Motorcyclists Forum. MAG Ireland state that, “While we did have some misgivings about certain aspects of the project, we look forward to seeing the results presented on the day.” “As a founding member of FEMA, we […]

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Non News – ABS


Non News – Move along nothing to see here – Thousands of European motorcyclists did not take to the street in disgust at the news of a 125cc motorcycle fitted with ABS (Advanced Braking System) even if it costs £200 more than the non ABS version as llisted for the Yamaha MT-125 ABS. Mandatory braking […]

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Fatalities Drop – USA


USA: The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announcement that motorcycle fatalities in the USA have dropped for the second year in a row. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, or FARS data, collected by the federal government, motorcycle fatalities for 2013 dropped from 4,986 to 4,668 […]

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Pesky MEPs


Those pesky European MEPs – Dutch MEP Wim van de Camp – getting involved in and supporting motorcycling as an ambassador for the Friends of the TT Circuit Assen foundation. The Friends of the TT Circuit Assen, is committed to a positive image of the TT Circuit in Assen and defends the interests of all […]

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FIM Europe – Road Safety


FIM Europe – The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme has announced that it will be holding the ninth edition of their Road Safety Conference. The conference is held yearly during the FIM Europe Congress – Malta 2015 – with the participation of high-level speakers involved in Road Safety initiatives in Europe. FIM Europe has been sharing […]

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Technical Minutiae


At Right To Ride we like looking at the small, trifling details of motorcycle technicalities and there is no better place to find all of this than at the European Commission – DG Enterprise and Industry – Automotive Industry Committees and Expert Working Group Motorcycle Working Group (MCWG) which held a meeting today 17th December […]

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Health With Bikes


Last month we queried whether the ETSC – European Road Safety Transport Council – a European based safety body, had lost the plot. We did this because Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director had stated that, “Amidst the headlines surrounding the possibility of an outbreak of Ebola in Europe over the last few weeks, I can’t […]

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EU Motorcyclists Forum


Europe – The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations has started to promote the “European Motorcyclists Forum” which will be held in Brussels – Belgium on the 2nd and 3rd February 2015. The forum will be hosted by the European Parliament members – MEPs – Inés Ayalá-Sender (S&D) – Spain, and Wim van de Camp (EPP) […]

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