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We also monitored motorcycle issues and were involved at Government Departmental level and lobbying in the background, setting the ground work, for the future.


hi-viz-survey-cover-thumbHere’s Looking At You……Ever since somebody took a 19th century “Sam Browne Belt” and adapted the concept by covering it with high-visibility cloth, then adding reflective material and wore it while riding a motorcycle, there has been a debate whether high-visibility (aka Day Glo or Hi Viz) actually helps riders’ visibility.

The Hi Viz debate still smoulders on and seems to re-ignite now and again, so we published a questionnaire in 2013 to gauge riders’ opinions about high visibility clothing.

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bikeferry1In January 2013 the then Environment Minister Alex Attwood confirmed that there were 48 road deaths in Northern Ireland in 2012, the lowest in over 80 years since records began. The information from the DOE (Department Of The Environment), states that “The figures released today by the PSNI are the lowest ever on record.Mr Attwood added “The next horizon is moving towards a vision of zero fatalities

For motorcyclists the suggestion of a vision of zero fatalities, “Vision Zero” harks back to 1997. Sweden’s, Claes Tingvall, one of the authors of the 1999 Vision Zero road safety document, stated back then that, “Motorcycles are incompatible with Vision Zero… It will never work to combine motorcycles with our ambitious road safety.”

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Right To Ride has published the “Northern Ireland Motorcycle Fatality Report 2012″ an indepth study of 39 cases relating to motorcycle fatalities in Northern Ireland (UK) between 2004 and 2010.

The study, supported by the British Motorcyclists Federation Foundation, was carried out by Dr Elaine Hardy of Right To Ride with the collaboration of Dr Emerson Callender and Damian Coll of the Road Traffic Collision Investigation Team, Forensic Science Northern Ireland and Dr Richard Frampton of the Transport Safety Research Centre, Loughborough University, England (UK).

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On Tuesday 15th March 2011 Right To Rides Trevor Baird and Elaine Hardy attended the launch of the new Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland at Stormont – On The Hill.

Alongside the launch of The Road Safety Strategy to 2020 – Vision: Driving Road Safety Forward, by the Environment Minister Edwin Poots, was the announcement of a consultation on a Graduated Driver Licensing scheme which reforms the learner and restricted driving schemes.

Mr Poots said, “Government in Northern Ireland is fully committed to improving safety for all road users. Working together, I firmly believe that we can make a journey on our roads as safe as anywhere in the world.” He also mentioned there must be a reduction in injuries to motorcyclists.

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“Motorcycle Safety in Northern Ireland – The Rider’s Perspective” aims to provide legislators, decision makers and motorcyclists with information that collates the expertise of motorcyclists, based on years of experience, consultation and lobbying.

It also aims to be a starting point for discussion and debate to develop a strategy for motorcycle safety in Northern Ireland by encompassing all stakeholders including the motorcycle community, individual riders, clubs, groups and associations.

The issues within this document are linked to the priorities for motorcycle safety identified during the International Transport Forum/OECD workshop on Motorcycling, held in Lillehammer, Norway in June 2008.

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A ten part series of videos aimed at improving rider skills from the Motorcycle Council (MCC) of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia and funded by the NSW Government as part of a “Make Motorcycling Safer” partnership with the MCC of NSW.

They are very informative and give sound advice.

Don’t stop reading! – Don’t hit the back button on your browser! It’s not what you might be thinking! The videos are definitely not boring or finger wagging.

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Right To Ride has published a report on “Risk and Motorcycles”, it is a critique of a report published by the Scottish Executive in 2006 entitled “Risk and Motorcyclists in Scotland”.

Right To Rides’ Elaine Hardy says, “the authors of the Scottish report have already determined that motorcycling is risky and the inevitable conclusion of the report is that the rider is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t (admit to being at risk).”

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Right To Ride has published the report “ Near Miss Study of Motorcycles”.

During the months of May through to July 2009, a survey of 257 motorcyclists in Ireland (Northern and Southern) and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) was carried out.

The purpose of the survey was to find out from motorcyclists, whether they had experienced situations in which they believed they could have crashed and/or been injured (but were able to keep control of their motorcycle) as well as the type of situations they had experienced.

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