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We also monitored motorcycle issues and were involved at Government Departmental level and lobbying in the background, setting the ground work, for the future.

parking2-thumbMotorcycle parking in Belfast has previously relied on “dead space” areas for motorcycles to park and one specific area at the “Black Man” has been used for decades by riders to park, utilising the barriers in place to secure their machines.

However, Belfast City Centre is in the middle of a small motorcycle friendly “revolution”. Motorcycles were allowed access to Bus Lanes over a decade ago and TransportNI are now moving forward with proposals to open free solo motorcycle, scooter and moped on-street motorcycle parking bays.

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Barrier-Graphic-250Northern Ireland continues to get  wired up with the fitting of Wirerope/Cable barriers (Vehicle Restraint Systems – VRS) in the central reservation of new road dualling schemes across the province.

The problem is the exposed posts of any barrier system being struck by a falling rider, wirerope barriers being the most “aggressive” of systems with its exposed posts either for a sliding rider or a rider on a motorcycle impacting in an upright position at whatever angle.

These systems are being fitted without consideration for the risk regarding injury and death to motorcyclists

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As motorcyclists we know that we are more susceptible to defective road surfaces.

It’s not rocket science, poor road design and maintenance can contribute to motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

All Northern Irish motorcyclists have the right to clean roads!

You can report a road fault to the Roads Services through their website.

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big tractorAs this issue concerns farmers, we thought we would contact the UFU (The Ulster Farmers’ Union) who represent 11,500 members who are farmers and growers in Northern Ireland.

The UFU has published a guide to agricultural vehicles on the road which was produced with agreement of various agencies and is available free to all of the UFU 11,500 members.

These farm operations are possibly something that riders need to be aware of while riding rural roads.

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The spillage of diesel fuel from heavy commercial vehicles, vans and cars is particularly dangerous for riders.

The result is a very slippery and invisible surface of which the motorcyclist has no warning and it almost inevitably results in the rider and machine parting company, often with serious consequences for the rider.

Don’t Overfill – Stickers

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Granting motorcycle access to certain Bus Lanes in Northern Ireland started in 2004.

Most Bus Lanes in Northern Ireland are available to buses, motorcycles, bicycles and Belfast public hire taxis.

Bus Lanes are clearly marked with white lines and the associated signs which are on a blue background.

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Riders on the NI Bikers Forum have voiced concerns and are warning other riders of the hazard of new joints on the M3 Lagan Bridge in Belfast.

According to Roads Service the bridge joints where replaced during June and August 2010 to ensure their continued high performance in coping with today’s traffic volumes.
The latest communication that we have received from Roads Service,  reiterates that they, the designers and the joint manufacturer are taking this issue very seriously and are actively pursuing this until its conclusion.

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The common practice of laying a surface dressing consisting of stone chippings spread over tar on the road, which is then bedded in by traffic is not acceptable for motorcyclists.

This practice is no doubt risk assessed and warning signs are present (mostly inadequate and lacking in advance warning), however there is no doubt that this practice is a serious hazard for motorcycles, even at the posted recommended speed limit of 20mph.

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Following the “It’s Not Rocket Science” theme, the following statement can not be argued against – metallic manhole or service covers, offer almost no traction, and are slippery when wet.

However there is a solution that has been around for a few years and has now received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.
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“Dragon Teeth” refers to a type of stone wall which is typical in Northern Ireland.

The part of these walls which give them their “Dragon Teeth” name and appearance are their tops which have large angular stones vertically cemented in place.

At Right To Ride we think the idea is to make these walls look rustic, fitting in as part of the natural surroundings of “old” rural Northern Ireland, nice but deadly.

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Riders on the NI Bikers Forum have highlighted an issue on our roads regarding motorcycles.

This time it considers certain Traffic Light Loop Sensors which are embedded in the road surface. Riders report that the sensors are not triggering the traffic lights during time periods when traffic is light or late at night & early in the morning.

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