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Amending the 3DLD Licence

January 2013 saw the introduction of a 3rd European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD). The EU rules introduced amongst other changes were measures claiming to make motorcycling safer as it would ensure that motorcyclists would gain access to more powerful motorcycles by means of experience and/or age. The directive imposed licence categories of minimum ages, especially […]

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Testing – Routes & Clothing

On 19th January 2013, a  European Directive (3rd European Driving Licence Directive) was implemented. The directive included a raft of changes to the motorcycle licence and testing requirements for new riders. We had meant to add the “GET ON”  campaigns “Routes to Riding” flow chart up on the website for a while now and finally […]

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New EU Licence

The Northern Ireland  Department Of The Environment (DOE) has posted a reminder regarding the new EU rules (3rd EC Directive On Driving Licences), which is not just for motorcyclists, but also for car drivers who tow trailers, bus drivers, lorry drivers and driving examiners. The directive was passed by the European Parliament in 2006 and […]

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No Need For Series Of Tests

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) in the UK has published a press release about the introduction of the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD) in January 2013. The MCIA is emphasising that riders do not need to take a series of tests. The MCIA reports that there are misinterpretations which seem to centre on the […]

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MCN Lifts The Lid On A2 Bikes

As some of you are undoubtedly aware, the weekly motorcycle newspaper Motorcycle News (MCN) has had a reputation for sensationalism and for embellishing facts to grab headlines. But something happened a few months ago, the presentation and format changed along with the editor. It was a good day for motorcycle journalism. A new focus on […]

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EU Licence For NI

We have just updated the information on the website regarding the introduction of the 3rd European Driving licence directive (3DLD) in Northern Ireland 19th January 2013. The directive was adopted in the European Parliament in 2006 and aims to harmonise licences across Europe and will see: introducing enhanced security features on driving licences; harmonising definitions […]

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3DLD Amending Directive

In the early part of October Right To Ride reported on changes that had been proposed to the introduction of the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD), in January 2013, which will see a new motorcycle testing regime introduced across Europe. We at Right To Ride have been part of a stakeholder’s group in Northern […]

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ACEM 3DLD Rejection

The European motorcycle industry has called on the European Parliament and Member States to reject an Amending Directive to the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive. ACEM the motorcycle industry representative in Europe argues that, “this is due to the questionable rationale applied by the EC and the impact it will have on EU riding schools […]

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Legislation Licence Change

On Monday 2nd July, the Environment Minister Alex Attwood confirmed  the introduction of new legislation on driving licences from 19 January 2013, which is aimed at improving road safety in line with EU requirements. There will be no surprises for those who have followed our news and updates relating to motorcycle licence changes, brought about […]

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New Bike Licence Rules

Right To Ride has been attending a stakeholder’s group regarding the introduction of the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive in Northern Ireland which mainly concerns changes to driving licence rules for moped, motorcycle and tricycle riders and new rules for mopeds and motorcycles used for tests. This licence directive was adopted in the European Parliament […]

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