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bureaucracy3dldtestsmallThe European Directive (3rd European Driving Licence Directive) was implemented across Europe on the 19th January 2013, including Northern Ireland.

The directive included a raft of changes to the motorcycle licence and testing requirements.

At Right To Ride we reported extensively on the implementation and were involved in replying to a public consultation and a stakeholder’s group with riders group, trainers and government agencies.

Below you will find our full reporting and information on the implemented licence and testing changes!

Get On – Routes To Riding

getonlicenceroute2013Get On’s Routes to Riding chart breaks down the new motorbike licensing laws, making it easy for you to see the exact path you need to take to get on two wheels!

Get On is a Motorcycle Industry funded campaign which aims to introduce as many people as possible to the fun, freedom and financial savings that can be made when you learn to ride a motorbike or scooter.

There are over 100 centres around the country, including Northern Ireland, that offer a free motorcycle training session allowing you to experience for yourself just how easy it is to ride!

All the kit is provided and you get personal guidance from a trained professional in a safe and secure area away from cars so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

And it’s completely free.

There’s no catch!

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Northern Ireland saw the introduction of this directive.

A public consultation was undertaken by the DOE (Department of the Environment), which Right To Ride responded to in April 2010.

A summary of  the Consultation Responses, the Department’s Response, and Next Steps was subsequently published which included information on the drafting of the necessary legislation.

The DOE also stated that a communication plan would be put in place to keep stakeholders and interested parties informed of the changes being made and the implementation of the directive here in Northern Ireland.

EU Licence FAQS – Click Here

EU Licence News

At Right To Ride we then attended on Tuesday 6th December 2011, the first meeting of a stakeholder’s group which will not only advise members of the group of the implementation aspects of the Directive prior to 19th January 2013, but will be a two way communication on the issues.

The Stakeholder Group has sought to:

  • help identify and resolve problems and issues arising from the introduction of the Directive;
  • help to quality assure the accuracy of information gathered by DVA in relation to the implementation of the Directive;
  • feed views to the policy making process;

Right To Ride’s Trevor Baird said, “Although we are a bit between a rock and a hard place as regards what the directive says must be implemented, there is some flexibility to get the best out of the directive for Northern Ireland riders. We welcome the opportunity to be part of this stakeholders group to put our views and those of the motorcycle community across.”

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