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doe-minister-pinAt Right To Ride we have been reporting on the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) in Swansea, taking over the responsibility for all vehicle licensing services in Northern Ireland since the proposal in July 2013 suggesting the move to  Swansea to the withdrawal of issuing a paper tax disc for display on a motorcycle or vehicle windscreen.

Although there are advantages to the online services that are now offered we said at that time, “We are sure that our own DVA have made mistakes, however they are “our” DVA – sorting out local problems locally, warts and all!”

This now seems to be somewhat prophetic as the Environment Minister Mark H Durkan has called on Swansea to up its game processing vehicle tax.

The minister also called on the Minister for Transport in London to deal with the problems that local people here face licensing their vehicles.

DOE Minister Minister Durkan has written to Minister Robert Goodwill, highlighting problems NI motorists are facing both taxing and registering vehicles.

Mark H Durkan said: “The Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland did an excellent job licensing cars and as a result the NI public were used to and expected a fast and efficient service from the motor tax offices every time.

“The responsibility for vehicle licensing now rests fully with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea. Before this work transferred to Swansea on 21 July, we took every possible step to smooth the transition for people here.

“We worked hard to inform local people and the media that responsibility would rest with Swansea from 21 July. We helped people to understand how they could access these services. Nor can it be argued by Swansea that some data has been lost when services transferred. Swansea already held all the data.

“The public and the motor trade have raised concerns such as the time taken to get vehicles registered or taxed and also the difference in MOT testing periods between NI and GB. These concerns have been raised with Swansea and an immediate response requested for the customers involved.”

The Minister concluded: “I am very disappointed and concerned about ongoing problems that people are facing. My officials have raised these concerns with Swansea and I have written to the Minister for Transport to highlight these problems and to make it clear in no uncertain terms that Swansea needs to up its game.”

Different Shade Of Blue

And you could not make it up as the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill is reported elsewhere as saying, “One example – in Northern Ireland you have a wider range of colours that you classify cars in.

“You may have different shade of blue – we just have blue – and therefore, in some cases it hasn’t transferred.”

He further added, “We should certainly have it sorted out within a month or so.” 

At Right To Ride we wait in anticipation of the next faux pax to follow which may be the introduction of continuous insurance another grand scheme from across the Irish Sea.

This would make it an offence to be the keeper of an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured and could include the removal of (i) the vehicle insurance check when taxing a vehicle and (ii) the need to return motor insurance certificates if a policy is cancelled mid-term, all done by computer!

Original Source – Department of the Environment – Click Here
Further Source – BBC Northern Ireland News – Click Here

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  1. The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) still provides vehicle testing (MOT), driving tests and driver licensing services to people in Northern Ireland.
    DVA still continues to offer other services, including:
    vehicle testing (MOT)
    driving tests
    driver licensing
    bus and taxi licensing
    roadside compliance checks
    If you need to update, renew or apply for a new licence, then do so through DVA.
    See nidirect.gov – Click Here

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