Riding Through Road Works

roadworkssign-small The DOE (Department for the Environment) through their “Share The Road To Zero” safety campaign website has highlighted a reminder to – ‘Drive safely through road works’.

The DOE reminder states:

“There are many road works on-going throughout Northern Ireland to build better roads and improve everyone’s journeys.

When you approach road works or see a ‘Road works ahead’ sign take extra care. Follow these 5 easy tips:

1. Slow down. Adjust your speed to the temporary speed limits and the conditions. You MUST not drive faster than the speed limit, including a temporary speed limit.

2. Keep a safe distance from road workers, other vehicles, traffic barriers and construction equipment.

3. Pay extra attention, and in particular look out for road workers who may be hidden from your view and vehicles entering or leaving the work area.

4. Obey all signs – it’s the law.

5. Read, remember and follow Highway Code Rule 288.”

As riders we are aware of the extra care needed as we approach – ride through – exit – road works. It can be a constant “battle” out there to stay upright as single track vehicles – on two wheels.

The DOE’s advice is to read Highway Code Rule 288 – we have produced links to the Highway code below just in case other drivers haven’t seen a copy since training to pass their test (trained to drive/ride).

Within rule 288 it states – “take extra care near cyclists and motorcyclists as they are vulnerable to skidding on grit, mud and other debris at road works.” which is good advice to which we would add – get a bit of patience!

However what this reminder also highlights is that consideration for riders of motorcycles – scooters and bicycles works two ways, i.e. our roads agency and its contractors must consider us at road works too.

Original Source – Share The Road To Zero  – Click Here

Well Worth A Watch!

vicroadsyoutuberoadsOut in the real world, at the coal face, riders have highlighted the problems they face at road works in this respect.

Recently in County Down, riders on the “Road Safety Chat/hints tips and questions” Facebook group noticed at road works, that three large shiny steel plates covering a hole in the road at a roundabout were right on the riders breaking point.

These plates should have been screwed down with warning ramp signs in place and not placed so close to the hazard without proper warning.

Riders commented that the wrong information was as bad as no information and would lead to confusion, havoc, frustration and potential collisions.

After contact with Roads Service the plates were changed to those with an anti-slip surface on them.

In August 2013 we highlighted the state of the roads at the major roadwork diversions put in place between Ballyeaston and Ballynure because of the by-pass road works on the A8 to Larne.

After reporting the fault of a – “sea of mud” to the Roads Service a rider received a call from the contractor in which they apologised, admitted the road was bad, that they had changed their working ways before the schools go back and wanted to know if he had any other issues with the road.

In the recently re-launched IHE Motorcycling Guidelines a series of videos and associated material, “Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly (MRMF)”, developed by the road and traffic authority in the state of Victoria, has been highlighted.

This targets local government and VicRoads staff in all areas of design but, in particular, maintenance operators, construction contractors, and utility providers.

Well worth a watch!

Links & Information

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