FEMA Promotes A Sustainable Future

FEMA – Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations – 24 national riders’ rights organisations from 19 European countries reports that at their last Committee Meeting in Brussels at the end of January 2010 the members of FEMA agreed to increase their focus on environmental issues.

FEMA now has a mandate to call for CO2-labelling for newly produced motorcycles and mopeds. Additionally, zero-emission motorcycles will be promoted on the European level.

The share of emissions caused by motorcycles is hardly measurable in comparison with the amounts caused by other means of transport like cars, trucks and airplanes.

Despite this, FEMA recognises that motorcycles have a negative effect on the environment. At the January Committee Meeting in Brussels FEMA members recognised that that effect could be decreased.

So far consumers still lack sufficient information regarding the environmental performance of motorcycles, therefore, FEMA advocates mandatory CO2-labelling for newly built bikes.

To further underline that responsibility for the environment is taken seriously by motorcyclists, FEMA has a mandate to closely monitor and support the rapid development of zero-emission motorcycles as well as to reduce the dependency of motorcycles on fossil fuels.

Up to today, Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) represent the most sustainable means of motorized personal transport, not only due to their efficient power-to-weight ratio, but also due to efficient space occupancy on and off the road as well as the negligible damages caused to the road surface.

Less expensive than other vehicles, only PTWs are accessible to society as a whole.

Original Source: www.fema-online.eu

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