Driver Training and Traffic Safety Education – EU Consultation

Right To Ride has responded to a European Commission consultation which deals with a major area of road safety: driver training and traffic safety education.
The objective of the consultation is to provide a framework to help further define guidelines and recommendations for efficient driver training and traffic safety education in the European Union.
Right To Ride says, “There is no similar system of stepped access for car drivers, therefore there has to be a separation of the type of training system for vehicles, until such time as car drivers are treated the same as motorcyclists – i.e. until such time as car drivers are subjected to the same rigours and categorisation.”
The aim as outlined in the consultation is to concentrate on novice drivers, while also encouraging drivers to continue formal life-long learning after they have passed their test.
Young novice drivers are the group most at risk and for whom investment is most worthwhile.
Right To Ride says, “The Department for the Environment’s Road Safety Education Officers in Northern Ireland actively promote the timetabling of GCSE Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies in all post primary schools and provides all of the teaching resources including a moped for the practical skill training element.”
The consultation objectives also outline that research in recent decades has demonstrated that one of the main causes of accidents is due to their lack of experience and lack of insight into the risks of driving.
Right To Ride says, “With regards to car drivers:

  • Better awareness: theoretical and practical hazard perception tests must identify motorcycle awareness as a fundamental part of the testing regime of car drivers;
  • Better training: extend the testing and training of car drivers to look for vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists; training and awareness techniques for motorcycle riders;”

Another reason of their high involvement in accidents concerns lifestyle factors which are not directly linked to driving itself but that influence their ability and motivation to perform safely when they drive.
Right To Ride says, “Rarely do national initial rider training arrangements address the crucial areas of hazard awareness and avoidance or rider attitudes and behaviour.”
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Europe Commission website link to the consultation documents – Click Here

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Our main focus is still on Northern Ireland however Europe cannot be ignored as motorcycling issues – Directives and Regulations – emanate from the European Commission, its Directive Generals (DGs) through the decision process to the European Parliament, Council, Committees and working groups.

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