CBT for N Ireland

Compulsory Basic Training – Introduced In Northern Ireland

As of the 21st February 2012, “all learner moped and motorcycle riders must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before they can ride unaccompanied on public roads.”

CBT was introduced on 21st February 2011 and riders with a motorcycle provisional licence entitlement were allowed a year to take a motorcycle practical test without having to take CBT.

Basically all learner moped and motorcycle riders must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before they can ride unaccompanied on public roads.

In addition an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) Register, similar to that of the present Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Register, has been introduced in order to regulate this training. Only registered Approved Motorcycle Instructors (AMI) will be allowed to conduct these training courses.

Compulsory Basic Training – CBT – was introduced in Northern Ireland on 21st February 2011.

Legislative document: The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011 – Click Here

CBT Syllabus

The CBT scheme in NI is based on the current scheme in Great Britain, which has been in place since 1990.

The training is  aimed at all learner motorcyclists on NI roads.

There are five elements in the CBT syllabus that will need to be covered in CBT training.

The CBT Syllabus contains five elements, grouped into three modules and each module is competency based.

The table below shows the content of each of the modules:

  •  Module 1    Element A    Introduction – theoretical training
  •  Element B    Practical training (touch, balance etc)
  •  Module 2    Element C    Practical riding skills
  •  Element D    Pre road-ride briefing
  •  Module 3    Element E    Practical on-road riding (minimum of 4 hours).

Elements A to D are not time bound; the duration will be needs driven and dependent on trainees’ ability.

Element E – practical on-road riding – will have a minimum duration of four hours attached to it.

The overall duration of the course will therefore vary depending on the ability, knowledge, understanding and skills of the trainee.


About Compulsory basic training (CBT) (motoring section) – NI Direct website – Click Here

Taking CBT?

About Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Prior to 21st February 2011 – Learner motorcyclists who have provisional entitlement prior to 21st February 2011 – must complete CBT  – or pass their motorcycle test – within 12 months of introduction if they wish to continue to ride unaccompanied on a public road.

This includes full car licence holders who are automatically issued with provisional entitlement for motorcycles after they pass the car practical test.

From 21st February 2011, all new moped or motorcycle riders applying for provisional moped or motorcycle entitlement will have to successfully complete CBT before being permitted to ride unaccompanied on public roads.

Car Licence and Moped Entitlement

After 21st February 2011 – Anyone who passes a full car test and receives full moped entitlement on their licence after 21st February 2011 will have to complete a course of CBT once in order to validate this full moped entitlement for life.

In other words you will have to compete a course of CBT to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road. You will not be able to ride a motorcycle or moped on the road unaccompanied until you have a valid CBT certificate.

Before 21st February 2011 – However, those who passed a car driving test before 21st February 2011 will retain full entitlement to a moped licence. They will be able to continue riding a moped without completing a CBT.


In effect, persons riding a motorcycle using provisional entitlement will have to complete CBT prior to riding on public roads, whether this entitlement is on a separate provisional licence, or part of a full driving licence.

In essence any motorcyclist who does not have a full motorcycle licence will have to complete CBT, and provide a certificate as proof of completion if requested.

Once completed, the CBT certificate will be valid for two years.

If a rider has not gained a full motorcycle licence by the expiry date of the CBT certificate, CBT will need to be retaken and the certificate renewed.

Pit Falls For Moped Riders

Information For Moped Riders

Make sure that your vehicle is a moped.

Most modern mopeds are made in the style of a Scooter – Scooters come in varies engine capacities e.g. 50cc – 60cc – 80cc – 100cc – 125cc – 150cc – right up to the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing – 582cc.

A moped is a motorcycle that has the following features:

  •  maximum design speed not exceeding 50 km per hour (about 31 miles per hour)
  •  an engine capacity no greater than 50 cc
  •  it can be moved by pedals, if the moped was first used before 1 September 1977


Information for moped riders – NI Direct website – Click Here

Scooter Gearing

Motorcycles You Can Ride

We have been informed that if you compete a course of CBT on a scooter with a Twist and Go (automatic transmission) type gear change and then wish to complete your motorcycle test you will be required to retake your CBT course in full on a motorcycle with “normal” gears.

However you should have more experience riding on the road, then hopefully with that knowledge and ability, your AMI (Approved Motorcycle Instructor) should take account of your experience and the time spent on Element 1 & 2 of CBT will not require as long to take compared to a new rider.

With only the minimum time after that for the on-road part – Element 3 – 4 hours minimum in Northern Ireland.


Motorcycles You Can Ride – NI Direct website – Click Here

Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) Register

Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI)

The AMI register has been introduced in order to regulate the qualification and approval of motorcycle instructors who will provide on-road motorcycle tuition and CBT training. As a basis, the AMI scheme will be similar to the ADI scheme which is currently in place for learner vehicle drivers.

However, this scheme will be aimed specifically at those wishing to teach learner motorcyclists. An AMI will issue the CBT certificate once a learner has reached the standard expected within the CBT scheme.

AMIs will be permitted to conduct training for motorcycle and moped riders for hire or reward and be permitted to conduct CBT courses.

An AMI will have photo identification to identify that they are permitted to conduct training and permitted to conduct a CBT course.

The DVA (Driver Vehicle Agency) will not be setting a fee for CBT training. This will be set by the industry – Instructors and Training Schools.


Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) – NI Direct website – Click Here

Find Your Local AMI – NI Direct website – Click Here

Approved Motorcycle Instructors (AMI) FAQs – NI Direct website – Click Here

Information – Links

Download the CBT leaflet – pdf 309kb – Click Here

For further information regarding CBT and the AMI Register contact DVA – Email: dvlni@doeni.gov.uk

All information supplied is sourced from the NI Direct Website and we believe is correct at time of printing – NI Direct Riding Motorcycles And Mopeds

Right To Ride Comment

We believe that initial rider training in whatever form it is presented is crucial for novice riders.  CBT will provide “off road” and “on road” training elements, giving new riders the basic instruction of how to handle a motorcycle on public roads.  There will be a cost to this of course, but we would expect that this cost will be kept to a level that is affordable.

For Right To Ride, the most important change in tandem with the introduction of CBT, will be the introduction of an AMI register to regulate the qualification and approval of motorcycle instructors, so that trainees should know that they are getting instruction that is both professional and regulated.

The introduction of CBT in Northern Ireland is linked to the introduction of 3rd European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD) which is designed to harmonize motorcycle licences across Europe and enters into force as of 19th January 2013.

The 3DLD will introduce a progressive and direct access licensing system with CBT as a starting point for riders, if they wish to progress to a larger motorcycle in various steps. Along this progression (still to be decided) there are various tests or training to progress to the next licence category (there are 4 in total), which includes the introduction of a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) to larger motorcycles if over a certain age.

However we must remember that CBT is basic training which has been formalised to an approved standard, CBT is the starting point for learning to ride and remains the basic training that you must complete.

Even after completing these various compulsory stages, riders have available to them voluntary post rider training to achieve an advanced motorcycle test, either through private commercial trainers, IAM or RoSPA or the PSNI BikeSafe one hour assessments which are designed to introduce riders to advanced training.

Ideally through compulsory and voluntary training we should have riders that have the requirements, skills and knowledge to ride safely on our roads.

Riding a motorcycle is a learning curve, interaction with other riders and drivers is a skill, but there is another element of riding which is fun and the simple pleasure that riding a motorcycle offers.

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  1. Rang DVA today. Was told that I am allowed ride in the South on my NI Provisional + CBT for anyone wondering! Wish I had it in writing, but was definitely told that I could do it. Cannot for the life of me find it written anywhere though.

  2. Hi Ciara

    Thanks for your comments below and your further query via email:


    Does anyone know if I hold NI CBT licence on a provisional – Can I go to Scotland?

    There doesn’t seem to be much information on this at all. I know they can travel here but I heard we can travel outside Northern Ireland :/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    As far as we know you can travel to the rest of GB on a valid CBT ie on a 125cc bike. Although there is no, recognition of a Northern Ireland CBT course for riders in GB if you wish to take a test/training to gain a further licence – A2 – A full licence.

    As for down South we are not so sure.

    To get a definitive answer we would suggest contacting DVA – Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland

    Details – http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/driver-and-vehicle-agency-driver-licensing-enquiries

  3. Hi

    Does anyone know if I hold NI CBT licence on a provisional – Can I go to Scotland?

    There doesn’t seem to be much information on this at all. I know they can travel here but I heard we can travel outside Northern Ireland :/

  4. Once I complete my CBT in Northern Ireland can I still travel down south?

  5. Am 16 with my provisional what else do I need to do if I do my CBT?

    Hi Thomas

    Full details on CBT are on the NI Direct Government Services website – Click Here

    If you do you your CBT then at 16 then you can ride a moped unaccompanied on the road – insurance and MoT required for the bike – legally requried helmet to wear (fastened up) some strong clothing – – Safety helmets and protective clothing for motorcyclists – NI Direct Government Services – Click Here.

    Or as recommended Clothing requirements for a motorcycle tests – turdy footwear that provides support and ankle protection – textile or leather motorcycle trousers or heavy denim trousers – a textile or leather motorcycle jacket or a heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath – and something we would ride without wearing – motorcycle gloves. This advice should all be included while doing your CBT

    Also best to your CBT on a moped with gears eg not a twist and go – your AMI (Approved Motorcycle Instructor) will be able to advise you better.

    Your CBT certificate lasts for two years – you must retake the CBT if you do not pass a test.

    The link above explains the complicated route you have to take if you wish to progress eventually to a full powered motorcycle – at age 21 through the progressive access route.

    Approved Motorcycle Instructors – NI Direct Government Services – Click Here

    At Right To ride we recommend:

    Ballymena Rider Training – Supporting Right To Ride – http://www.ballymenaridertraining.co.uk
    LEARN 2 RIDE Motorcycle Training – Supporting Right To Ride – http://www.learn-2-ride-motorcycle-training.co.uk
    Ridesafe Car & Motorcycle Training – Supporting Right To Ride – http://www.ridesafeni.co.uk


    Debut Drive – Newtownards and Dundonald – http://www.debutdrive.com

    Hope this all helps?

  6. Hi Eddie – In Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK there is no daylight restriction on a licence for a 16 year old on a moped.

    What did you hear?

  7. hi can you tell me if there is a daylight restriction for a 16 year old on a moped

  8. Hi James

    For Belfast I would recommend – Debut Drive – Newtownards and Dundonald http://www.debutdrive.com

    Hope that helps!

    Trevor Baird – Right To Ride

    PS If you’re paying someone to teach you to ride they must be registered with the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA). Approved Motorcycle Instructors

  9. Were do you go to book a CBT test in belfast ?

  10. Hi Michael

    Here is the advice and feedback I have received regarding your queries.

    You should be ssued with a provisional licence which means you will be subject to all the requirements of a provisional licence holder, which means to ride on the road you will have to take CBT (Complusory Basic Training) and display an L plate.

    This will be a 125cc bike with restrictions eg Not allowed to ride on a motorway – no passengers..

    In addition if you are going to take the test on a big bike – A Licence assuming you are 24 years of age or over, you will need to be accompanied at all time by an AMI (Approved Motorcycle Instructor) until the test is passed eg while being trained by an AMI – you will not be able to ride this category of bike unaccompanied.

    You will be required to take a theory test, the manoeuvres test and the practical test.

    If the courts have ruled that you must take an extended test then you can take a test in either a car or a bike the one extended test will remove the requirement from the other category.

    For example if you have a car licence also you can take an extended car test and once passed it will remove the requirement for you to take a further extended test.

    However you will still be required to take an ordinary motorcycle test to get your motorcycle entitlement back.

    Hope this all helps!

    Some basic info on the extended test on NI Direct Governeent Services – Click Here

    More info on CBT and motorcycle test – Click Here

  11. Hi Michael

    I do not know the answer at the moment but I will find out for you.

  12. hello. i had my full motorcycle license for the past 20 years and lost it for 12 months but in order to do my test am i required to do the CBT in full? thank you

  13. Hi Norman

    There are two aspects which could make it feasible for you to get your test for a motorcycle over 125cc.

    That is assuming you are 24 years or older and want to go for a full A licence. You are doing the test in Northern Ireland.

    First it would depend entirely on the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency) booking system as you would have to book your dates for the theroy test, the off road manoeuvres and on road test to line up in the same week. Also considering that if you pass the theroy test and the off road manoeuvres these passes take 24 hours to clear the DVA system!

    Also depending if you have ridden a bike before it would depend on how long it would take you to pick up the skills required to past the off road manoeuvers test and on road test. i.e. How many lessons you would require and fit those into one week.

    However more importantly it should depend on your AMI (Approved Motorcycle Instructor) if they are confident that you have the confidence in your own capabilities to take the off road manoeuvers test and on road test and that you are a safe and a capable enough rider that has required the essential skills and knowledge capable of safely operating a motorcycle in normal traffic situations on public roads.

    I hope that helps.

    Thanks to Victor Rodgers from Ridesafe Car & Motorcycle Training http://www.ridesafeni.co.uk for helping with this reply!

  14. Hi I have a full car driving licence since 1985 and would like to know if it is possible to get a motorcycle licence in one week(ie theroy test,lessons and then the test) for motorcycles over 125cc


  15. Good luck with the CBT and remember cheapness doesnt necessary mean quality.

    If you can ask around for recommendations from other riders, word of mouth is great!

  16. confused! says:

    Ah, that explains it then! Thanks for your reply. I must get on with it and book a CBT 🙂

  17. Although the CBT here and the mainland seem the same with 5 elements here:

    Element E – practical on-road riding – will have a minimum duration of four hours attached to it.

    While on the mainland in Element 5 it is a minimum two hour on-road ride.

    This may be part of why there is price difference.

  18. confused! says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking at the prices online for a CBT, here it sees the going rate is £175 or so, but on the mainland it seems to be about the £100 mark. Anyone know why it is much dearer in Belfast?

  19. Hi there, thanks for your query.

    With no driving licence then the minimum age to ride a moped is 16 years.

    You will to apply for your provision licence and take CBT (Complusory Basic Training)

    You will have to complete this through an AMI (Approved Motorcycle Instructor) details on NI Direct – Click Here Assuming you are from Northern Ireland.

    Your CBT certificate lasts for two years, so you will have two years to either take a full test, or retake your CBT to continue riding legally.

    If you take a full test it depends on what age you are for what category (power) of bike you can do a test on.

    Hope This Helps.

    More info on NI Direct – Click Here

    Or on GET ON – Click Here

  20. hey, I was wondering, i don’t have any driving license at all, and I want to get a scooter 45 cc to get to work everyday, What I have to do step by step to get license to ride scooter?

  21. Hi Paul

    Yes please keep us informed on how you get on and all the best towards gaining the “full” unrestricted test.


  22. Trevor.
    Thank you for taking the time to find and pass this information on for me.
    I will keep an eye on the DVLNI website and get my off road test booked as soon as I can.

    I will keep you informed of my progress and any hic-ups or anything relevant that I come accross during the Direct Access tests as I do them.

    Thank You


  23. Hi Paul

    Here is the difinitive answer I have received:

    The motorcycle test is specified in EU legislation and refers to a test which includes special manoeuvres which are the manoeuvres we have chosen to conduct off-road and form part of a two part test (off-road and on-road).

    As such everyone coming for a motorcycle test must complete both parts of a two part test.

    If a candidate takes an off-road test prior to the directive start date they would only have been able to take it on a bike up to 125 cc as such if they wanted to go direct to an A2 or A they would first have to meet the age requirement and take an off-road test on the category of their choice.

    The A2 off-road test will cover the rider for A2 practical test and below (A1 and AM) and the A off-road manoeuvre will cover the rider for any practical test.

    Whilst you have already passed the motorcycle test if you want to remove the power restriction you will have to take the two part test.

    So to remove the power restriction on your licence gained before Jan 2013, you would have to take direct access, which includes two part test – off-road manoeuvres and practical on road test.

    But the good news is – no theory test.

  24. Thanks Paul you are welcome.

    My opinion in your situation is that yes you should be able to take the Direct Access route to lift your restriction.

    As a rider presenting yourself to an AMI (Approved Motorcycle Instructor) they, if they have been your instructor, should know your level of competence or if going cold to an instructor then within a short period of time they should be able to see what level of competence you (a rider) should have, to go forward with Direct Access.

    What should be entailed in taking Direct Access in your situation a rider, 24 years, passing the old test on a two year restriction.

    What we do not have at the moment is what the Direct Access will consist of. But for yourself perhaps then a form of Accelerated Access would be the solution as it is in GB:

    Accelerated access

    A further practical test for larger bikes of at least 35kW.

    Rules for practising

    You can practise on bikes over 25kW, but must:

    be accompanied at all times by an approved instructor on another bike and in radio contact
    wear fluorescent or reflective clothing
    follow all other provisional licence restrictions

    When you’re practising on a larger bike you will be classed as a learner rider.

    See GB .Gov website – Click Here

    But in your case you already have a full test but restricted but you should be able to continue to keep riding your bike as normal as it is still restricted (eg Riding to and from the training).

    So my opinion would be a further form of practical test, with training to recognise a riders competency before taking the test.

    I will try to find out from DVA to uncover that solid evidence.



  25. Trevor.

    Thank you vey much for taking the time to write such a detailed reply. Your response was very helpful to me.

    I am 35 years old just now, but not quite a new comer to the wonderful biking world as I rode bikes and scooters when I was a bit younger, but decided not to do my tests until recently. However, I am quite in favour of the restriction rules to 25kw after passing the practical tests for new riders because I do believe that safety on the roads is paramount and experience on bikes is the only way to develop a safe attitude towards riding.

    With this in mind I am quite prepared to take all tests including the theory again if it was requested to in order to complete a direct access course but I would dis-agree with this course of action being endorsed by the authorities as it is a very time consuming and expensive route for some riders to undertake, if they are limited to the same restrictions as I am and wish to take the direct access route.

    I have asked the question to a number of instructors about what tests will have to be re-taken for direct access and they all seen to reckon that In my case is will only be required to take the off road test again on a bike with appropriate engine capacity to lift my restriction, but so far I have not been able to uncover any solid evidence to confirm this.

    Trevor, in your expert opinion, what in your view should be the best way for someone in my position with a cat A restriction to take the direct access – do you think that the theory test, off road and on road tests again, or do you think that both or either one of the two practical tests would be enough to prove that a person is competent and capable to control a motorcycle of any cc capacity or power?

    Thank you again Trevor.


  26. Hi Paul

    Congratulations on recently passing your Category A Licence.

    Unfortunately you don’t say what age you are, as one of the main criteria to take Direct Access for a full powered bike is that you must be at least 24 years old.

    If you are under 24 years of age then, “Anyone who passed a practical category A motorcycle test before 19 January 2013 will still be restricted to a motorcycle of 25kW for two years from the date of test pass. ”

    Depending on your age then, “From 19 January 2013, if you want to ride a larger motorcycle you will need to follow the new rules for motorcycle riders outlined below.”

    The new rules are outlined on the nidirect.gov website – http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/index/information-and-services/motoring/driver-licensing/changes-to-driving-licence-rules-from-19-january-2013/new-driving-licence-rules-for-mopeds-motorcycles-and-tricycles.htm

    But if you are at least 24 years old when the new licencing comes in and like yourself have a full/restricted for two years licence, then there is chat that you would be allowed to take direct access, without having the two year restriction afterwards.

    However this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

    So direct access as after Jan 2013 will be – you must be at least 24 years old, have a valid CBT certificate (only if you do not have full entitlement to A1 or A2) – (that’s the issue you would have an older licence, which while still valid is not an A1 or A2 – new licence) and pass the theory (would you be required to take the theory again) and category A (new category A not your present category A) practical motorcycle tests.

    Also from 19 January 2013 all learner riders of category A2 and category A motorcycles must be accompanied by an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) at all times when riding on public roads.

    There is talk that riders can be trained up to the maximum speed limit for the road they are riding and Motorway riding allowed, see previous paragraph on being accompanied while being a learner, so no 45mph restriction. This would perhaps lead to after passing the test there being no 45mph restriction/R Plates but having to display a similar restriction plate “N” for new rider/driver for two years. Car drivers would also be subject at some stage to this as well.

    So you can perhaps see why there has been no confirmation yet in cases like yourself at the moment.

    Apologies for not having a definitive answer and hopefully I haven’t confused the matter more.

    If I get more news on this I will post it up.

    Let us know if that’s any help or anything else you want to ask to help get you an answer.



  27. Hello Right To Ride.

    I was hoping you could advise me further on the Direct Access scheme that is coming to us in Jan 2013.

    I have just recently passed all the modules and tests for my Cat A license restricted to 25KW for 2 years.

    When DAS comes into effect, will I have to take the off-road and on-road tests again or just the off-road test?

    Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.


  28. Hi Catriona

    Just to throw a bit of a spanner in the works regarding CBT.

    At the moment GB does not recognise the Northern Ireland CBT, even though the CBT here could be said to be what GB are looking to change theres to.

    Northern Ireland recognises the GB CBT.

    Therefore to do DAS in GB you would need to have completed a GB CBT.

    GB are waiting to change their legislation on this.

  29. Catriona says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Many thanks for your response and apologies for my delay in thanking you. Glad to say I have cat A provisional entitlement on my licence and I now can choose whether to go to England or wait until next year!

    Thanks again for all your help


  30. Here’s what I got on DAS – Direct Access Scheme.

    There is nothing to prevent anyone, including a Northern Ireland licence holder, who holds Category A and who successfully completes the DAS test in GB from riding any size of motor-bicycle in Northern Ireland.

    The GB DAS test is therefore recognized in Northern Ireland, however, because we do not have a DAS in NI the licensing system was never set up to automatically process such application and as such they have to use a manual work around.

    It is suggested that if someone goes down the DAS in GB when they apply to have the category put on their licence they include along with the GB pass certificate a note to advise licensing of the fact they passed a DAS test.

    When they get their licence back make sure they check to ensure the restrictions have been removed.

    Or alternatively wait until January 2013.

  31. Not a problem know the feeling of being well over 24 has some advantages apparently but haven’t worked them out yet 🙂

    Assuming you have as you say, “prov allowance on my NI driving licence for motorbike.”

    For now to get CBT see NI Direct Click Here

    For January Next year for Direct Access to Category A

    Category A covers unrestricted motorcycles above 35kW and includes tricycles over 15kW.

    There are two routes to get this motorcycle entitlement:

    progressive access – you can get this category from aged 21 years, provided you have a minimum of two years’ experience on a category A2 motorcycle with a full licence and pass the category A practical motorcycle tests

    direct access – you must be at least 24 years old, have a valid CBT certificate (only if you do not have full entitlement to A1 or A2) and pass the theory and category A practical motorcycle tests

    Please note that from 19 January 2013 all learner riders of category A2 and category A motorcycles must be accompanied by an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) at all times when riding on public roads.

    Full details for next year on NI Direct – Click Here

    Still waiting for reply on DAS.

    Hope this helps.


  32. Catriona says:


    Many thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately or fortunately I am well over the age of 24 🙁

    So if I wait until Jan next year, what tests would I actually have to do?

    I know it will only be a blink and it will be January, but it seems ever so long away now – I have got the bug and I want to do it sooner rather than later – so I will thank you in advance for researching the DAS scheme in Eng/Scot on an NI licence

    Many thanks again


  33. Hi Catriona

    Will get a difinative answer on DAS in England/Scotland.

    Re the rules changing yes the 3rd European Driving Licence is coming in, we are on a stakeholders group looking at its implementation, more info can be found at http://www.righttoride.co.uk/?page_id=964

    You don’t say what age you are and I suppose I should’nt ask 😉 but if you are on a provisional licence and are aged 19 you can take the new A2 licence in Jan 2013 which has a two year restiction.

    However if by Jan 2013 you are aged 24 or over the new Licence Directive in Northern Ireland will enable you to take Direct Access.

  34. Catriona says:


    I was wondering if anyone can help me – I have prov allowance on my NI driving licence for motorbike. I want to do DAS in England/Scotland as i do not want to be restricted to a 33bhp machine in NI for two years after taking all tests.

    Are you allowed to do this? Can you go to Scotland or England and take tests and then get the full category put on an NI licence?

    Also, for all in NI – the rules are changing again in Jan 2013 re A/A1 categories, now you get both if you do your cbt, theory, off road and on road tests. Come Jan 2013 – they are splitting it, making you do more tests for both parts…..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  35. Stevie C says:

    Glad to hear Direct Access is coming in here to match up with the rest of the UK pitty it is January next year before it comes in though.

    Other option is for guys out there to go Scotland for nice wee break and do a crash course for Direct Access plus by sound of thing their training is cheaper.

    I rode bigger bikes than 125cc on the road… gasp you say but we did things like that back in the day.

  36. Trying to book a CBT course for my son. Being quoted around £200 in North Down. If we were in England it would be around £100. Can I assume he will get twice as much training here, or is this an example of a rip-off in Northern Ireland?


  37. As you have rode bikes for years without doing the test then I assume that is up to a 125cc.

    Well you could do the CBT and ride a 125cc then wait until next year, January 2013, when you will be able to complete Direct Access with the new licence scheme coming in and when passed ride whatever cc of bike you want/afford.

    Not ideal I know.

    Admittedly I don’t think the DVLA put out any TV ads but they did advertise elswhere, we reported on it for over a year.

  38. So much for letters coming out to explain all this.

    I rode bikes for years but never done the test. Now that I am in my mid 40’s and can afford the bikes I always wanted this is seems to just put me off.

    Why does the DVLA not advise things like this publically or on TV adds, simply because they do not want to tell people as they want to make more money.

    Yes it make sense but unless your advised about it how can you tell. 12th March now if I had know test would have been done months back.

  39. Hi Paul.

    I am assuming you want to obtain a CBT Certificate so that you can ride a 125cc bike however it is to ride a moped I have included this in my reply.

    Check first the back of your licence, it should have the categories you are entitled to.

    So in order to be eligible to take a CBT course you need a provisional Category A (motorcycle) or P (moped) licence. A moped is defined as having a maximum design speed not exceeding 50 kph (approx 31 mph) and an engine capacity no greater than 50cc.

    Moped – If you passed a car driving test before 21st February 2011 you will retain full entitlement to a moped licence. You will be able to continue riding a moped without completing a CBT.

    Moped If you passed a car driving test after 21st February 2011 you should have received a full moped entitlement on your licence but you will have to complete a course of CBT once in order to validate this full moped entitlement for life.

    Provisional Category A (motorcycle) If you have a car licence issued before the introduction of CBT in February 2011, you should have a provisional entitlement for a motorcycle – 125cc. So you should not have to apply for a Provisional Category A (motorcycle) licence, however to ride unaccompanied on the road as a learner rider you would have to compete a CBT course.

    However bear in mind the CBT certificate lasts for two years, so you would need to retake CBT if you havent passed and obtained a full motorcycle licence.

    More info on CBT Click Here

    If in doubt check with you local AMI motorcycle instructor as it is that that are allowed to conduct CBT courses Click Here

    Hope this helps.

  40. Hello,

    I currently hold a full car driving licence and I would like to obtain a CBT certificate.

    Is my current driving licence automatically a provisional motorbike licence? or do I have to apply for a provisional motorbike licence?

  41. Hi Paul

    I assume you have a provisional licence that allowed you ride a 125cc bike on the road unaccompanied?

    I say allowed because after yesterday, “All learner moped and motorcycle riders must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before they can ride unaccompanied on public roads.”

    CBT was introduced last year on 21st February 2011, basically riders with a provisional licence where allowed a year to take a motorcyucle test without having to take CBT. As a provision licence holder for a motorcycle you should have received in the post information from DVANI on CBT?

    As this deadline is past, you will have to take CBT before you can do your practical.

    For cost and time, CBT is being delivered by trainers – not government – so the best is to phone around to get a price. Have a look on the AMIANI website Click Here

    Re taking it in one day, the NIDirect website says: ” How long does the CBT course last? There are five elements in the syllabus that covers CBT training. Elements A to D are not time bound – the duration will depend on your ability. However, element E will be a minimum of four hours. The overall length of the course will vary depending on your ability, knowledge, understanding and skills.” Click Here

    Yes I agree with you that the introduction in driver training and I would also say rider training, to allow learner drivers to be able to drive on motorways with their instructor should have been introduced years ago.

    Also I would say as they are suggesting that learners would not be restricted to 45mph restriction.

  42. I think it’s a good idea for new learners to help minimise the risk of accidents, but as I have 6 years no claims and been riding bikes for a mere 11 years, was planning to take test in March, but now government have brought this legislation into order, what exactly does this mean, do I have to do the CBT before I can do my practical?.

    How much does the cbt cost and can I do it in one day?

    I also think the government are so behind in times, they are only now introducing a new law for learner drivers to be able to drive on motorways with their instructor because of number of young deaths on motorways.. the car & bike theory test both have questions about motorways what use are they without practical examination?. This law should have been brought forward 20 years ago both for bikes & cars, would definately have minimised a number of deaths on the road. Complete hippocrits too busy lining the tax mans pocket.

  43. snaggletooth says:

    I like your way of thinking Joe and find it ridiculous I have to be taken by the hand now at a cost. This rule should have applied to all new owners only. Think I might just do what youve said as well. Stuff em!. I’m exactly the same, have a 125cc, driving it 9yrs, and a clear record. Treating experienced riders like kids now.

  44. It another money racket again, similar idea to the truck CPC test they introduced few years ago, its costs £50 per class, minimum of 5 classes per 5 years and claimed to be an E.U. regulation, except that France, Germany, Holland, Italy are refusing to inplement it saying thats its an unfair expense to experienced drivers, so just where in the E.U. did this daft idea come from then? Simple, the U.K. looking for another motoring tax.

    So this cbt test in N.I. has all the signs of just another tax, honestly after driving a HGV for 11 years and my 125cc Suzuki for 19years now, what do they expect me to learn by paying £280 every 2 years for driving lesson?

    Me thinks the best option now is to say stuff it, and drive it anyway. The insurance wont cover without it and the fines are tiny even if you are stopped. So as im now coming 52years old and have never wanted a faster bike, I see no point in constantly forking out more money every 2 years for a cbt than I spend on fuel driving it for 2 years.

    The conclusion I have now is thats is best for me NOT to try and insure it, tax it or mot either, and just drive it anyway, the cost of the cbt+insurance+tax+mot test (totals £580 every 2 years) is much higher than any fine im likely to receive.

    Posted on another forum also, so it may look familiar

  45. Just in from the DVA.

    “If the driver has provisional entitlement for cat A on their full B licence (GB or NI) or they held provisional entitlement A only prior to the introduction of CBT they do not require a CBT certificate in NI until February 2012. So the answer is yes they only need to take and pass the theory test and practical tests to obtain their restricted licence, however, this only pertains to NI.”

    Hope this helps.

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