BikersRVoters is the campaign initiative by Right To Ride in Northern Ireland when elections for the Northern Ireland Assembly – Westminster – Councils and the European Parliament come around.

BikersRVoters lobbies at election times for a proper informed intelligent engagement – both ways – with our prospective political representatives.

BikersRVoters enables prospective candidates and their parties to have a soap box for their electoral agendas on motorcycling issues during elections.

BikersRVoters lets riders inform prospective candidates what the main issues are for them! – To inform what they think the politicians should be doing!

Its a continuing message and we lobby post election on the issues via Right To Ride and Right To Ride EU informing and seeking dialogue on motorcycling issues.

BikersRVoters is a non – political lobby with no allegiance to parties and those divides.

What is important (for us at least) is whether motorcyclists even have a modicum of influence in the “corridors of power” and whether we can affect policies and legislation regarding motorcycles and other related issues.

BikersRVoters 2015


At Right To Ride we will be reactivating our BikersRVoters website for the 2015 General Election.

The date of the next general election has been set as 7th May 2015 to elect MPs to the Houses of Parliament.

European Parliament Elections for MEPs took place in 2014 – the next European elections will be in 2019.

Reference to the new councils in Northern Ireland is regards the new super council.

The reform of local government will see the reduction of 26 councils to 11 this process will be completed by April 2015.

Who Better

Who is in a better position to inform and communicate issues that effect motorcycling than the riders, either as individuals or organised as an effective lobby armed with a knowledge of motorcycling?

Cutting through the raft of information on this website, Right To Ride’s purpose is to engage, to talk, to listen and to debate with – Politicians – Decision makers – Authorities – Other organisations – to work out sensible, practical and political aims and objectives for motorcycling.

The aim is for acceptance and to recognise the advantages motorcycling plays as:

An integral part of road transport, based on evidence and facts that – Economic gains from biking tourism – including motorcycle events – sporting and non sporting – has for Northern Ireland as a whole.

For all to take shared responsibility regarding Road Safety.

The objective: to inform – listen – debate – with those that do not understand or have a different perspective regarding motorcycling.

To stay engaged – talk – listen to those Politicians – Decision makers – Authorities who fully understand the importance of motorcycling in Northern Ireland.

Motorcyclists are passionate about motorcycling and understand the pleasure of riding a motorcycle

Riders Representation In Northern Ireland

Right To Ride has been presenting motorcycle issues in Northern Ireland since April 2009.

We have got on with the job in hand to promote and protect motorcycling, especially with regards to proposed legislation.

We have been in contact with various politicians – not just MLAs but also MPs and MEPs.

We have been in contact with government departments and have met with officials.

We have responded to consultations and we will continue to promote and protect that collective lump of metal, rubber and plastic that we could not live without – the motorcycle – and all that it means as part of our way of life.

And to explain to the uninitiated about why motorcycling is such an important part of the lives of millions of people.