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project-velocity-team-250If you haven’t discovered Project Velocity, the small team of highly motivated final year Masters students studying Mechanical Engineering at Queens University, Belfast in Northern Ireland – The Discovery Channel certainly has.

The aim of Project Velocity, formed in 2011, is to design a full fairing motorcycle to take to the Bonneville Salt Flats in August 2015 in order to set a new land speed record in the 1000cc Streamline Class S-F last set in 1967 by Burt Munro (The World’s Fastest Indian).

Project Velocity announced, back in May on their Facebook page, that – The Discovery Channel – “Will be covering the project in a 6 part series due to air early next year so you can see how Project Velocity built their streamliner & took it to Bonneville to break a land speed record!”

In other news just in, team members were able to get the project’s half scale model ready in time for wind tunnel testing at the MIRA facility which is where Jaguar and Land Rover test their new protype cars.

project-velocity-mock-up-2-250Project Velocity say, “It was a fantastic opportunity to have access to this exclusive facility and the wind tunnel tests were great with our drag coefficient coming out 25% lower than expected thanks to Sam Marsden’s radical new aerofoil design.

This means the bike is capable of 280mph!”

At Right To Ride Team, Project Velocity has our full support and through our website and in our communications we will do what we can to promote and encourage the team – as they reach their goal to design a full fairing motorcycle to set a new land speed record in the sub-1000 cc (Streamline Class S-F).

We will be there in spirit pushing the team out onto the salt flats because for us, they represent the passion for speed in Northern Ireland and deserve that chance to succeed.


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