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fim-europe-logoFIM Europe – The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme has announced that it will be holding the ninth edition of their Road Safety Conference.

The conference is held yearly during the FIM Europe Congress – Malta 2015 – with the participation of high-level speakers involved in Road Safety initiatives in Europe.

FIM Europe has been sharing the importance of road safety since its foundation.

Nowadays there are 37 millions motorcyclists in Europe and they are also among the most vulnerable road users.

Over 28.100 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2012 in 27 Member States and there were around 1,4 million people injured in the same year.

Traffic collisions are the main cause of death for people under 45 years of age.

In 2009 they have cost € 130 billion/year to society.

On average one out of 3 inhabitants of EU will be hospitalised during his life because of a traffic accident.

Of all road fatalities, almost 50% are car occupants and around 15% are motorcyclists – and 3% moped riders, although there are around 25 cars to every motorcycle registered in the EU.

fim-conference-2015-pic1-250Chances of getting hurt in an accident for two-wheelers are therefore higher than for most road users, and consequences for riders are usually more serious.

This is why one of the main aims of FIM Europe is to involve National Federations in the activities which are linked to road users and Road Safety in particular.

Since 2007 the yearly event of Road Safety Conference has been launched: it happens during the annual FIM Europe Congress, where the 47 European Federations are present.

FIM Europe is now organising the ninth edition of Road Safety Conference, which, as its main aim, will deal with the development of electronics to increase usability and safety both on track and on road.

Privileged Observation Point

FIM Europe, in fact, has a privileged observation point, as for its institutional role FIM Europe is acting in all matters in relation with motorcycling activities and, as such, in domains ranging from sport, tourism, mobility, road safety, protection and defence of the rights and interests of motorcycle users.

All this helps FIM Europe to help exchange experience among different “actors”.

During 2014 FIM Europe Congress in Cracow, one of the main topics was represented by airbag for motorcyclists, where the connection between
technologies developed for road safety and for sporting motor sports was very strong.

The EU had set itself the goal of reducing in ten years by 50% road deaths, which in 2001 were 54,000. The goal was almost reached, because in 2010 the traffic fatalities were 31,000, which represent anyway the loss of habitants of a medium – sized city in Europe.

FIM Europe second Deputy President Silvio Manicardi said. “Unfortunately the fatal accidents among motorcyclists fell in a lower percentage, by about 30%, so the world of two wheelers must put more energy to achieve the objective. Now UE aims to reduce, over the next 10 years, again by 50% this figure and the FIM Europe will do all possible actions, also through the National Federations associated, to help achieve this important target.”

We look forward to more detailed information on the content of the conference and the “expert” speakers, who of course know all about what is good for riders and how they will suggest that the “targets” of the EU can be met but without any strangulation of riders freedom!

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