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rtrfacebook2-250 Over on our Facebook page, where it is so easy to post up rather than the rigmarole that it takes to post up here, we have been somewhat busy over the last week.

Here are the snippets and videos we have been putting up.

From videos to information and discussion.

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A Bikers Life For Me

bikerslifeformeA bikers – bike rider – riders – what the hell it’s about the lifestyle in this trailer.

“Documentary about motorcycle riders and the lifestyle they have chosen to live.

Full version coming soon once filming has been completed.”

Full version now in the links!

Video on You Tube – Click Here – or view below


bikesafelogothumbnailWe assume you know that that the PSNI operate Honda and BMW motorcycles – used for the likes of the Bikesafe free ride assessments – however did you know that they also have at the last count 242 bicycles.

Taking The Bikesafe Ride – Click Here


ev-belfast-custom-show-july-2014-thumbWe have one event listed for this weekend.

9th Belfast Custom Bike Show – Saturday 19th July 2014 – Custom House Square – Belfast – Noon – 6pm – Entry only £5

Live Music , Hot Food & Drinks, on-site bar, big Prize Raffle, Bradley Custom, Trade Stands, Merchandise and support wear.

Families welcome – kids free admission – kid’s events include bouncey castle, face painting and kid’s entertainers

Event On Right To Ride – Click Here

Xenon Headlights

lightmarelogoSome sense from the IAM regarding the aftermarket fitting of xenon headlights.

“The popular trend for xenon headlamp conversions is also a major hazard – not having a self-levelling or washing function means they can dazzle oncoming traffic, potentially causing an accident.

Shallcross said: “Fitting this kind of lighting is illegal. Claiming ignorance of the law is no excuse; these lights which people choose because they look stylish could potentially have tragic consequences.”

Consider if you have had these fitted to your motorcycle that you could be dazzling other vehicle drivers – will they really see you – then be able to judge your distance and speed – will you be “forcing” them to make a disastrous decision?

Full IAM Article – Click Here

Other Road Users – See Us

rideitrightseeusfullpagefrontcoveronlyRide It Right has launched – “See Us – Get It Right” – an advisory and warning leaflet for other vehicle drivers.

The leaflet asks other vehicle drivers to – Just Think! – See Us and Get It Right! – at:

  • Junctions
  • When Turning Right
  • When Emerging Onto Main Roads
  • When Overtaking
  • When Changing Lanes

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Share The Road Transport for London

sharetheroadBack in June we posted up an article entitled – Care – Courtesy – Consideration – in that article we mentioned, “….. as posted up recently on the PSNI Traffic Police Facebook page – a picture of an old Northern Ireland driving licence with the inscription on the back – Care – Courtesy – Consideration Save Lives – which is still as relevant today as it was back then!”

Now have a look at the video from Transport for London – “It’s all too easy to get wound up on the road. But what if we let it go instead?

Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s time to move on.”

Video On You Tube – Click Here – or view below

Street Smarts

streetsmartsFrom the nineties everything you wanted to know about motorcycles.

However starting at 6:32 a section on brakes – panic braking – panic stop – and practice.

Howadays I suppose with ABS it might be find that point when it kicks in!

However we assume you have common sense and the caveat “don’t try this at home” kicks in never mind the brakes

Any trainers out there, how does this sit with modern “technics” or has the basics always remained as a constant?

Video On You Tube – Click Here – or view below

Travel Survey

travelsurveyThe Travel Survey for Northern Ireland Headline Report 2011-2013

Shock, in the latest survey results the average distance travelled by motorcycle was recorded as 6 miles.

The average number of journeys per person and average journey length by motorcycle was recorded as zero. That is between 2011-2013 nobody travelled by motorcycle.

We are taking the mickey a bit because the sample size in the survey is relatively small (it has varied between 856 and 1,037 households interviewed in one year). So if this sample has no motorcycles in the household then nothing is recorded.

Travel Survey Report – Click Here

DOE Survey 2005

doesurvey2005While digging around for some stats on motorcycling we found this from a DOE (Department of the Environment) survey in 2005.

Around this time there was an increase in motorcyclist fatalities.

Almost three quarters (71%) of respondents agree with the statement “Most motorcyclists ride sensibly but their public perception is tarnished by the irresponsible actions of a few.”

Over two-fifths of respondents (44%) agree that most motorcyclists are careful and considerate.

Over two in five (45%) of respondents agree with the statement “All motorcyclists ride too fast”.

Over two in five respondents (46%) agree that “many motorcyclists are selfish and think that they own the road”.

Loud motorcycles frighten the life out of me?

Almost one half of respondents (48%) disagree with this statement.

So what do you think of that?

DOE Survey 2005 – pdf – Click Here

Davys Motorcycle Transport

davys-professional-transport-logoSome good news from one of our Business Supporters – Davys Motorcycle Transport!

I’m very proud to let everyone know that I have now also secured a new contract with Hunts Motorcycles of Manchester who are one of Michael Dunlop’s main sponsor’s also have David Williams of Paintbox in Portglenone on board as well.

Look forward to working with you both. Davy.

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