Right To Ride is supporting to fight the growing road safety problem of blinding lights which affect drivers’ ability to perceive hazards.

These lights put the most vulnerable and less conspicuous road users, for example pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists at risk.

Who is Lightmare?

Lightmare is a collaboration of worldwide voluntary groups of experienced motorists including scientists, engineers, mathematicians, lawyers and ophthalmologists supported by the leading pedestrian, cycling and motorcycling organisations.

They are committed to improving road safety by reducing glare and other distractions in the driving environment.

The simple aim of Lightmare is to persuade the UK Government to introduce measures to limit the eye damaging intensity of lights that a driver encounters e.g.

  • Daytime Running Lights – overbright
  • Xenon headlights – blinding
  • Misuse of brake lights – keeping foot on the brake when stopped
  • Misuse of front and rear fog lights
  • Illuminated distracting advertising

Right To Ride’s Trevor Baird says, “While we motorcyclists try to – and are advised to – make ourselves more conspicuous with bright colours, fluorescent clothing, Automatic Headlights On (AHO) on the motorcycle, are we sometimes “authors of our own misfortune”?

While trying to make ourselves conspicuous so than other road users see us, with brighter lights, aftermarket diode lighting or riding in daylight with the main beam on, we complain about other road users and blinding headlights which add to the problem of glare.

This means hiding ourselves in the sea of glare of lights so that we can’t be seen and our approaching speed cannot be judged by others on the road!

Is this our fault to buy into Road Safety advice that bright is always right?

Maybe it’s time to take a moment and “reflect” on our own use of headlights?


Sign Lightmares petition against blinding lights.
Blinding vehicle lights are surely the most pressing road safety problem of modern times.
When life-safety is at risk why are car manufacturers trying to out-shine one another by fitting dazzling lights that cause temporary blindness under the guise of safety?
The law is clear: Highway Code rule 114 [Law RVLR reg 27] You MUST NOT use any lights in a way which would dazzle or cause discomfort to other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.
We petition Philip Hammond Minister of Transport to enforce the law and to eliminate daytime and night-time blinding vehicle lamps which affect a driver’s vision to save the lives of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.

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