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Speed Awarness on Restricted 45mph

instructor-bike-testWord has reached us that new riders riding on R plates have been stopped by the PSNI and have been “informed” that they are restricted to 45mph and thus are “breaking” the law.

However this is not strictly true – naturally if you are doing 45mph in a 30mph limit then that is a whole different ball game.

So from information on the website and conversations with those in the know here are the rules and regulations.

Learner riders of medium sized motorcycles (category A2) or large motorcycles (category A) will not be restricted to 45 mph while being trained and tested.

Riders who pass the A2 or A test will not be restricted to a maximum speed limit of 45mph but will have to display R plates.

Not forgetting that all learner riders of category A2 and category A motorcycles must be accompanied by an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) at all times when riding on public roads.

As far as we are aware this information on R Plates and restricted speed for motorcyclists has been passed down to the lower echelons of the PSNI out on the street.

More info – Riding motorcycles and mopeds – nidirect goverment services –  Click Here

Rider Record – O’Reilly Stewart


Right to Ride has teamed up with O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors to assist riders in obtaining early legal advice if involved in a motorcycle accident.

O’Reilly Stewart has a specialised legal team to deal with all queries raised by motorcyclists.

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors has prepared a leaflet for our members with a note of the services they provide.

They also designed a ‘Rider Record’ which is a credit sized card, with sections to record initial information about the other vehicle, accident circumstances, weather, witnesses and road conditions at the scene of an accident.

Rider Record – O’Reilly Stewart – Click Here

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