"MoT Sculduggery……"

broken-down-car-250 We love this spoof story on “MoT Sculduggery As 100% Pass Rate Investigated In Cookstown” from the Tyrone Tribulations – News from amongst the bushes.

The main gist of the story is:

“The chief of NI Vehicle Testing Agency has confirmed they have proof of underhand dealings at Cookstown Vehicle Test Centre after a bogus car wreck they put through was passed with only a couple of minor recommendations suggested.”

The undercover operation involved four men pushing and sliding a 1975 blue MG B GT V8 Zeldzame Classic with no tyres, windows, engine, seats and lights up to the test centre in the Tyrone town.”

However we do wonder about motorcycles and the MoT – is the test just worth (value for money) it for just piece of mind – or seen as  getting a better deal when selling your bike with an MoT – or is the test a worthwhile safety check?

Meanwhile we are waiting for the “results” from the Driver & Vehicle and Testing Agency (DVTA) motorcycle roller brake test trails, which were carried out earlier this year, riders concerns were – dropping the motorcycle/damage caused by rolling road/personal injuries/liability/bike dedicated lane.

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