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Historic vehicles exempt from MoT

historicbikeNI Direct Government Services has reported on their news page that from Monday 30th September 2013, motor cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles manufactured or registered before 1960 will be exempt from the mandatory MoT testing.

NI Direct say, MOT reminders will no longer be issued for these vehicles. The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) will continue to offer tests on a voluntary basis, but only at the request of the vehicle owner.”

Further information is regarding, cherished transfers, “The vehicle inspection process has not changed and any pre-1960 vehicle for testing will continue to be inspected in the normal way. It is anticipated that the bulk of voluntary tests will be from vehicles intended for cherished transfers, as the registration transfer scheme still requires a test certificate.”

We previously reported on this exemtion for historic vehicles in May this year.

This decision follows the outcome of a public consultation which showed broad support for the exemption. Such an exemption has been in place in Britain since November 2012.

 Pre 1960 vehicles account for less than 0.14% of vehicles in Northern Ireland.

It is proposed that the enabling legislation will come into operation in September 2013 in Northern Ireland.

Alex Attwood (the previous Department of the Environment Minister) said: “I have very much listened to the response coming through from our consultation. I do not believe there will be any lessening of safety on our roads as a result of this.

 “Historic car enthusiasts are well known for keeping their vehicles in pristine and road worthy condition. There are very few historic cars in Northern Ireland and they are for the most part used infrequently.

“While this will be welcome news for owners, I anticipate that my decision will encourage them to continue to look after their vehicles.

“I have also made provision for a voluntary MOT test should the owners wish to have their vehicle tested. I also welcome the Environment Committee giving its support for my decision.”

NI Direct also remind motorist that when booking an MOT that it is important to be sure you are using the official nidirect website.

NI Direct say, “There is no service fee involved when booking through the official facility on nidirect.”


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