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siansburyparking2small Over on the Right To Ride Facebook page there was some discussion regarding the issue of other vehicles using the motorcycle parking at Sainsburys in Bangor.

Back in November 2011 we reported on the new Sainsbury’s being built beside Homebase in Bangor had a dedicated motorcycle parking bay opposite the front doors of the new store.

The bay, large in size has blockpaving as its surface area, the surrounding car park has a “tarmac” surface, so no sinking sidestands.  The block paving differentiates the motorcycle parking space from the car parking with its bright orange sign and bordered by a raised concrete kerb.

The front end of the motorcycle parking bay has two bollards which would assist in delineating the parking bay in stopping other vehicle drivers parking in it, however the “entrances” do not have bollards which may lead to other vehicle drivers parking in the bay,  just to get a couple of feet nearer to the shop entrance.

There does not appear to be any secure locking points but with the bay close to the entrance, in an open “public area”, the CCTV cameras, that we are sure will be in operation that would pick up mis-use.

Back then we gave Sainsbury’s a ten out of ten  for providing dedicated motorcycle parking.

However in June we received a comment about the parking facilities at Sainsburys in Bangor, “Yes, the bike parking area in front of the new Bangor Sainsburys is very nice, unless some twat in their (usually SUV type) car hasn’t decided to park in it because it’s closer to the door.”

This stirred our curiosity up so we contacted Sainsburys and put the issue out on Facebook and the website, not only did we receive a reply from Sainsburys but other riders had already contacted Sainsburys.

The message we got back from Sainsburys was – the car park is owned by a private estate company, Sainsburys have tried to get bollards installed but this has been objected to by the landlords. There does appear to be an issue for disabled people (and perhaps others) parking in the motorcycle bay because the motorcycle parking is closer to the store than the disabled spaces. The issue of the bollards is being pushed by the store manager and they are looking towards getting this resolved!

siansburyparking1smallHowever pictures from today show the motorcycle parking nearly full – the grey saloon car driver parked up and made his way to the cash machine – so no disability there – we checked for a Blue Badge.

As one rider previously said, “Yes, the bike parking area in front of the new Bangor Sainsburys is very nice, unless some twat in their (usually SUV type) car hasn’t decided to park in it because it’s closer to the door.”

Thankfully the rider of the bike pictured came along when there was only one car in the motorcycle parking space.

But with our own past experience of cars and motorcycles mixed in a “shared” space can lead to your motorcycle being reversed into and knocked over…………………………..

One might wonder if the private estate company would be responsible for or admit liability if property damage to a motorcycle or physical injury to rider is caused, giving that the problem has been pointed out and a solution has been suggested – bollards!

Also to bear in mind that we are aware that other Sainsburys with similar motorcycle parking spaces are protected by bollards.

On the other hand one might have a concern if we complained to much then the parking would be removed.

But nobody would be as thran as that would they?

If you have any pictures of the parking at Sainsburys Bangor we would love to see them and post them up here!

More Bike Parking In Bangor

bangor parking smallThe bike parking in Bangor has been there for over ten years – at the very least!

So if heading for an ice cream or refreshment in this glorious weather if your heading to Bangor check out and use the dedicated motorcycle parking!

Glenn Thompson, who was originally involved in getting the parking in Bangor, posted up this message on Facebook to riders: “If anyone is heading into Bangor over the holiday fortnight, I just want to remind you that we have our own dedicated Motorcycle Park in the Queens Parade car park.

Council are telling us to use it or lose it so please use it. It has hitching posts to chain your bike to and is bollarded off from the cars.

Plenty of watering holes close by like The Red Berry and Caproni Bangor close by and one minutes walk to the Main St and High St.

Come on down. We’ll be glad to see you.”

So looks like there is a continued welcome down at Bangor town!


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