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Advice on attending MOT and driving tests

NI Direct government services have published some advice regarding possible disruption to driving test and MOT test appointments due to ongoing protests.

If you have a driving test or MOT test appointment, you should attend the test centre as normal.

Driver and Vehicle Agency test centre managers will make every effort to accommodate anyone impacted by protests and arriving late for tests.

Where it is not possible to deliver the test at the time of arrival, a new appointment may be offered at no additional cost.

Rescheduled tests

If you are scheduled to have a test carried out, you should think about allowing extra time for your journey to the test centre.

In exceptional circumstances, where you are unable to attend due to disruption caused by planned protests, you should contact the centre manager prior to your scheduled appointment or at the earliest opportunity. Your test may then be rescheduled at no additional cost.

Please note that due to seasonal high demand, it may not be possible to provide a suitable alternative appointment at the centre of your choice.

Contacting test centres

You can get contact details for your local test centre at the page below:

Find your local test centre (motoring section – )

TrafficWatchNI website –

More useful links – NI Direct Website

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