Yamaha Crack For Charity

DSC_7475smallHow would like to win a Yamaha motorcycle worth at least £12,000 and at the same time help Cancer Research UK?

Well the opportunity will soon arise at the annual Adelaide Motorcycle Festival which begins a three-day run at the King’s Hall Pavilion in Belfast on Friday, 8 February 2013.

Barry’s Biker Bakes, thanks to Portrush businessman Barry Torrens, intend running two charity events next year.

The first with support from Charles Hurst Motorcycles offers those donating to Cancer Research UK the opportunity to win a fabulous new 2013 Yamaha YZF R1 at the motorcycle festival in February.

Those donating merely have to guess the code to crack a safe which contains the keys to this outstanding prize.

David White, the general manager for Hurst Motorcycles, explained the finer details, “To enter each person will simply give a minimum donation (Cancer Research Charity) of £1 to have the chance to Crack the Safe.”

“To Crack the Safe you will simply enter a code into the safe and if you are lucky enough to input the correct code in the correct order you will collect the YZF-R1 keys which will be stored inside.”

“The money raised will be donated to Barry and his chosen charity (Cancer Research UK). This is a fantastic prize to win with a recommended retail price of over £12,000 it certainly means a trip to the festival could make some-one very happy. This person could be you.”

“The YZF-R1 that is up for grabs will be displayed on the Charles Hurst Yamaha stand located in the Motorcycle Festival, so please ensure you visit our stand where the Crack the Safe event will be taking place.”

DSC_7485small“At present there will be a maximum of 3000 attempts over the three days of the festival but these figures may increase depending on demand over the weekend.”

The second charity project involves 50 of Barry’s Biker Babes. They will seek sponsorship, dust off the leather and dawn their specially designed motorcycle helmets, kindly donated by Charles Hurst Motorcycles and Moto Direct and with the help of the local motorcycle fraternity ride pillion from Belfast to 55 Degrees North,  Portrush.

On arrival at the north coast town Barry will welcome their fundraising efforts and 55 Degrees North will replenish energies, in the form of a BBQ, for the ride home. This event will be held on Thursday 16th May 2013, the NW 200 festival race week.

Cancer is an illness that has no boundaries and it’s unfortunate that all families know loved ones and friends that have battled this disease in its various forms. Statistics show that one in three people in Northern Ireland with develop Cancer at some stage in their lives.

One of those charities at the forefront of help and support is Cancer Research UK.

Torrens has recently been touched by the stress and torment that Cancer brings, his Aunt died last year, his Uncle died this year and his Mum is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

As a result, Barry wanted to give a little back so he signed himself up for the enormous challenge of climbing Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc (4,810 metres/ 15,780ft.) between the 17th – 23rd July 2013 for Cancer Research UK.

He will pay all his own expenses himself so that every penny donated will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

“So far as Barry’s charity work is concerned, we are delighted to be able to assist him with his crack the safe competition at the King’s Hall,” said the Festival promoter Billy Nutt. “I know that the general public will be generous with their donations.”

For Any Further details

You can contact:

David White
General Manager
Charles Hurst Motorcycles
02890 383556
davidwhite@charleshurstgroup.co.uk or
Barry Torrens Barry.Torrens@fletchertorrens.co.uk

Adelaide Motorcycle Festival

The Adelaide Motorcycle Festival will take place on 8th, 9th & 10th February 2013 at the King’s Hall Belfast.
Follow the festival on Facebook – Click Here
www.nutttravel.com and click on Motorcycle Festival.


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