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The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) on their Rider Magazine website that the “Belfast Roads Services” has been in touch with them.

The reason being that they are looking help with the introduction of free motorcycle parking bays in Belfast City Centre.

The BMF say, “They (“Belfast Roads Services”) intend to leave a questionnaire on motorcycles parked in the city and to make sure that we get the bays introduced I would ask that all receiving them make sure they are filled in and returned.”

We don’t know at this stage what the questionnaire is specifically asking but if one of the questions asks, do you think free parking for motorcycles is positive, please answer yes!

However that might depend on the caveat that motorcycle parking in “dead space” areas which is the norm at present is not reduced with enforcement.

Original Source – Rider Magazine – bmf – Click Here

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking in Belfast relies on “dead space” areas for motorcycles to park and one specific area at the “Black Man” has been used for decades by riders to park, utilising the barriers in place to secure their machines.

In some circumstances, the initiative to include motorcycle parking in towns in NI has come from the motorcycle community itself.

An example has been the inclusion of secure and dedicated motorcycle parking facilities in Newtownards (Mill Street Gasworks South) and in Bangor (Queens Parade – Marina – Seafront).

Motorcycle parking locations should be:

Signposted clearly, especially those who are not aware of the area but this does not appear to be the case.

Be as close to facilities as possible.

Some supermarkets and shopping centres provide parking space for motorcycles, these provisions seem to be haphazard.

There is no central provision of the location of motorcycle parking facilities which can be viewed. Knowledge of these facilities appears to be down to local knowledge or word of mouth. This does not help if a motorcyclist is not from the area and especially for visitors from outside of Northern Ireland.

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Trike Parking

Back in June 2011 we reported that that BMW Club Ulster Section (through Campbell Owens the son of one the club’s esteemed club members, Bill Owens), had managed to get some very interesting information on the legalities of parking your motorcycle in our capital city Belfast.

He got this from the Department for Regional Development (DRD) Roads Service, without incurring the wrath of a traffic warden or pedestrians.

However Jackie Hill from “N.I. Bikers & Trikers Riding For Charity” contacted the DRD’s Road Service, Parking Enforcement Unit regarding parking for trikes and received a response, which we picked up from their Facebook page. Jackie gave us an, “Absolutely, go for it” when we asked to put the info up.

It is good information and good advice with a Trike being defined as a motorcycle for off street parking.

Excellent stuff and while the advice may seem to be somewhat complicated it is workable and remember to add a pen to your motorcycle gear!

More Info – Click Here

Your Motorcycle Parking

Out on our travels we had the occasion to call into Homebase on the Bangor Ring Road.  Not a bathroom or kitchen hunting expedition but to purchase some large bolts for fitting a vice to the bench in the garage.

Digressing slightly the vice is a Record Steel 35 Made In England, it is really heavy duty and was fitted in my late father’s garage and must be circa early sixties, I can remember it since I was knee high and that’s a long while ago.  The bench it is being fitted on was built to support the vice and any subsequent hack sawing and filing!

Anyway,  you may not be aware but there is a new Sainsbury’s being built beside Homebase and driving to park up, our eagle eyes spotted a sign which had a motorcycle logo on it.

If are you aware of other shopping facilities, centres or other provided dedicated motorcycle parking, we would love to hear where they are and a picture paints a thousand words, if you can let us know.

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  1. Yes, the bike parking area in front of the new Bangor Sainsburys is very nice, unless some twat in their (usually SUV type) car hasn’t decided to park in it because it’s closer to the door.

  2. Hi David
    Just to prove your point, today at Sainsburys Bangor, both cars where parked for at least an hour!!!!!!
    Parking for Motorcycles?Big Boat

  3. Still A Problem

    Over on the Right To Ride Facebook page there was some discussion regarding the issue of the motorcycle parking at Sainsburys in Bangor.
    We did contact Sainsburys and the message we got back was – the car park is owned by a private estate company, Sainsburys have tried to get bollards installed but this has been objected to by the landlords. There does appear to be an issue for disabled people (and perhaps others) parking in the motorcycle bay because the motorcycle parking is closer to the store than the disabled spaces. The issue of the bollards is being pushed by the store manager and they are looking towards getting this resolved!
    However pictures from today show the motorcycle parking nearly full – the grey saloon car driver parked up and made his way to the cash machine – so no disability there – we checked for a Blue Badge.
    Thankfully the rider of the bike pictured came along when there was only one car in the motorcycle parking space.
    But with our own past experiences cars and motorcycles mixed in a “shared” space can lead to your motorcycle being reversed into and knocked over…………………………..
    One might wonder if the private estate company would be or admit liability if damage to a motorcycle or rider is caused, giving that the problem has been pointed out and a solution has been suggested – bollards! Also to bear in mind that we are aware that other Sainsburys with similar motorcycle parking spaces are protected by bollards.
    On the other hand one might have a concern if we complained to much then the parking would be removed.
    But nobody would be as thran as that would they?

  4. Trials course!

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