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Type Approval Regulation approved by European Parliament by huge majority

The Type Approval Regulation has been approved by the European Parliament by a huge majority (643 in favour, 16 against).

For all UK motorcyclists this will mean:

  • Bikes over 47bhp exempt from EU anti-tampering controls
  • Bikes under 125cc exempt from compulsory ABS (although they will require combined brakes instead)
  • No 100bhp limit option for member states
  • Compulsory CO2/fuel consumption measurement and publication
  • Standardised On-Board Diagnostics so that any garage can interpret the fault codes
  • Compulsory publication of repair and maintenance information so that you can have your bike repaired and serviced anywhere you like
  • Bikes will catch up to the emissions standards of cars, guaranteed for 35000km
  • Bikes over 47bhp exempt from EU anti-tampering controls

We will be keeping a wary eye on the delegated acts which will result from this legislation.

It’s not all over yet!

The BMF’s Government Relations Executive, Chris Hodder said:

“Although far from ideal, this legislation shows exactly why organisations such as the BMF and FEMA exist.

After several years of hard work discussing with the relevant institutions and putting our views across, we believe this is the best deal that was available and we’ve worked solidly to get it.

This legislation may have some things we don’t like in it, but it will have some long term benefits for motorcyclists, especially in terms of cleaner bikes that are cheaper to run.”

Right To Ride Comments

Well said! and congratulations to the BMF for keeping a sensible, mature and informative campaign.


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