Clandestine Shoots

You may remember this…………. away back in March?

Hitting our small screens is a new comedy webseries called “The Clandestine” and even better it is set in Northern Ireland in Belfast.

“The Clandestine” is about a group of geeks who form a secret outlaw motorcycle club in order to exact revenge on all those who have persecuted them over the years.

“The Clandestine” is explained as, “It’s Sons of Anarchy meets The Office.” with the show featuring, “Killer motorbikes, sexy ladies, geeks doing dangerous stuff, a great sense of humour, and a soundtrack packed with music from the best up and coming bands in the Irish rock scene.”

“The Clandestine” has put up on You Tube behind the scenes shoot “trailers” of next seasons film and at Right To Ride we are sure we recognise some the people running about in the background.

One of those is Nick Long and featuring, the motorbike parts and accessories online shop – Gingerparts.

Gingerparts has been shipping parts, spares & accessories, since 2005 and has a mission for Gingerification of the motorcycle industry, with their global headquarters in Killyleagh, County Down, Northern Ireland, the centre of the known universe!

Gingerparts say they are, “on the main biking route from Belfast and North Down to the biker heaven that is Newcastle, County Down. If you are passing (we are on the High Street right beside Killyleagh Castle – no, we don’t live there!) please call in and see us!”

Hmmm! Chain and spockets required for the bike!

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Gingerparts –

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Clandestine – Watch behind the scenes shoots and the first season videos on You Tube – Click Here

More about the Clandestine –

Clandestine – Watch behind the scenes – with some “badass” language apparently!

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