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ETRA (European Twowheel Retailers’ Association) and ACEM (the Motorcycle Industry in Europe) have organised the ‘Sustainable 2Wheels’ event for Tuesday 18th of September 2012 on the esplanade of the European Parliament in Brussels, from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m.

The event is aimed at showing decision-makers and their staff in the European Parliament, Commission, Council and other European institutions, what huge potential 2Wheels offer for making urban transport more sustainable. The event is in the framework of the European Commission’s Mobility Week and it is expected that 500 visitors will attend.

Also on the afternoon of the event, the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of the European Parliament is organising an official Mobility Week event.

Representatives of the European cities of Bologna, Gent and Vilnius will testify to the TRAN Committee on their experiences in making transport more sustainable.

The Tran Committee, made up of members of the European Parliament, will be the lead committee looking after the recently announced Road Worthiness Testing proposal, which includes mandatory MoT style testing for motorcycles. This event comes four days before a protest ride to Brussels, organised by MAG Netherlands in cooperation with MAG Belgium, on Saturday 22nd of September and supported by several European rider organisations against compulsory roadworthiness testing for motorcycles.

ACEM comments that the ‘Sustainable 2Wheels’ event is “now established as one of the key events during European Mobility Week”

ACEM Members will be showcasing motorcycles, scooters and urban vehicles offering a great solution for users who seek individual mobility alternatives in congested cities.

According to ACEM, “smaller, lighter and very well adapted to the challenges of urban traffic, reducing travel times, costs and environmental impact, PTWs are for the first time taking part to the European Mobility Week with an exciting line-up of innovative, fuel efficient and enjoyable vehicles”.


Sustainable 2Wheels has a dedicated website – You can register for the free event:
ETRA – Substainable2Wheels –

Further Information:

Now in its third consecutive year and with confirmed participation from EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik, Sustainable2Wheels consists of a presentation of contemporary bicycles, electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles, particularly suited for urban transport.

In addition to this demonstration, in the Luxembourg station, different types of organisations will present their activities and/or specific projects for the promotion of 2Wheels in particular and sustainable mobility in general.


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