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Riders groups in the UK and the rest of Europe have started to make announcements concerning the European Commission’s proposal for periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers, which includes mandatory Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) for motorcycles.

These announcements are in addition to those by the riders groups from Norway (NMCU), Sweden (SMC) and the Netherlands (MAG Netherlands).

As we wait for the riders’ groups to present their positions, we have declared our support for a protest that MAG Netherlands has organised with MAG Belgium and NMCU (Norway) to take place in Brussels on the 22nd of September 2012. These organisations are taking their national issues to the seat of the European Commission to express their disagreement with this proposal.

In our opinion, however, there needs to be a communiqué published by the participating rider organisations with the reasons for supporting the Brussels protest and more importantly, what the organisations attending this protest are going to present on that day.

Just to clarify our position on Road Worthiness Testing and motorcyclist/rider organisations.

Our view is simply that these are different countries with different situations and require a different solution.

We have reported on the Commission’s proposal and stated that within the proposal the status quo for the UK remains, i.e. there will be no change to the frequency of MoT (aka RWT) for motorcyclists in this country, and from what we have read, the focus of this proposal is on cars.

In any event, we will continue to report the progress of this proposal and any effects it will have for UK riders.

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  1. Put your pitchforks away and go home?

    The Association of Car Enthusiasts (ACE) have been very proactive with their concerns regarding the European proposal on Road Worthiness Testing and how they interpret its effect.
    Already they have had a response from UK MEPs:
    Philip Bradbourn MEP and Malcolm Harbour MEP (CON) said:
    Many correspondents, like you, have been concerned about the alarmist comments on this proposal that have appeared on some car enthusiasts web sites. We want to reassure you that it will certainly not be “sneaked into existence” to the detriment of owners and users of historic, modified and low volume specialist vehicles.
    To set this into context, this proposal is very far from being agreed, and has already been subject to extensive consultation. It is certainly not within “8 weeks” of being decided! It will go through a full Co-Decision procedure involving the European Parliament and all the Member Governments. The proposed content will certainly be modified extensively. It has many flaws and it is not at all clear that there will be a majority of Member States in favour of any EU intervention in this policy area. The UK has yet to take a position on it.
    Within the European Parliament, review of the dossier is being led by the Transport Committee, where Phil Bradbourn is a long standing and active member. The Internal Market Committee, which Malcolm Harbour chairs, will give an opinion along with 2 other Committees. A large number of UK MEPs will be examining the dossier and proposing amendments. No work has yet started on Parliament. We would not expect agreement before the end of 2013.
    Conservative MEPs will take great care to ensure that sympathetic treatment for historic and modified vehicles will be encompassed in any final legislation. For several years we have been working with the Federation of British Historical Vehicles Clubs, and their European Federation, to respond to consultations that the EU has been having on this proposal. The attached note from the FBHVC web site shows what has been going on. In the European Parliament we have a well-supported, all party and cross country Historic Vehicles Group that meets regularly to co-ordinate activities. We are very much aware of the economic importance of the historic vehicle movement.
    Original Source: Association of Car Enthusiasts (ACE) – Click Here

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