Irish Bikers Thousands Protest

On Saturday the 29th October the United Bikers of Ireland organised protest ride saw over 3,000 bikers descend on Dublin’s Government buildings, the Dail against proposed new EU Laws from the European Commission’s – Approval and market surveillance of two – or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles.

Riders rode in from various organised starting points across Ireland from: Clare – Limerick – Cork – Kildare – Donegal – Monaghan – Waterford – Wexford – Galway – Athlone and Dublin itself to voice their opposition.

The United Bikers of Ireland state that, “The EU proposal seeks to introduce a wide range of changes to existing regulations, and at the same time impose a confusing myriad of limitations and restrictions for all motorcyclists in Europe.”

Not only were the thousands of riders met at the Dail by Irish member of Parliament Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD but MEP Phil Prendergast was on the back of a trike all the way in on the Dublin leg of the protest ride, for the first time in her life.

Phil Prendgast sits on the EU IMCO Committee (Internal Market and Consumer Protection) which is at present considering amendments to the European Commission’s proposal to be voted on in November 2011 before being presented to the Europe Parliament.

The United Bikers of Ireland say that Phil Prendgast, “was very impressed with our presence and our points.”

The message from the United Bikers of Ireland is, “Well done to everyone who came out today. It was a great success and we estimate approx 3,000 bikes turned out in total and helped take over a number of streets around Leinster House.

It was so important to make our numbers known to the politicians and decision makers, and despite the bad weather at the start, we put on an amazing show.

Thank you once again to everyone, well done and ride safe.”

Where next for the United Bikers of Ireland committee?

Well they have received an invitation to meet the CEO of the RSA (Road Safety Authority).

United Bikers of Ireland say, “This is indeed a huge step in our efforts as it allows us to meet face-to-face with the RSA governing body and will allow us an opportunity for dialogue and debate.”

At Right To Ride we say, “United Bikers of Ireland are combining lobbying, meeting politicians and authorities with the megaphone diplomacy of protest rides. Congratulations to the committee and all riders in finding a refined balance.”
Details of proposed EU legislation at –

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