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Advancing road safety is at the heart of local IAM Group!

Motorcycle legend and winner of 11 Isle of Man TT’s, Phillip McCallen, was on hand to personally congratulate the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists at the group’s inaugural AGM at the office of Adelaide Insurance Services in Belfast on 20th October 2011.

Road Safety is at the heart of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) – the UK’s leading road safety charity dedicated to increasing skills for all road users, raising driving and riding standards and helping to save lives on our roads.

The Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists is one of the 200 strong volunteer IAM groups throughout the UK. Since their official launch at the 2011 Adelaide Motorcycle Festival, the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists have ensured that 16 motorcyclists (and counting) have passed their IAM Advanced Riding Test, with no less than 16 qualified IAM Observers giving up their time to ensure that our roads are safer by ensuring that associates are more confident and capable by the end of their training.

As group President, Phillip along with members of the committee congratulated the members, associates and Observers for their efforts over the last year. Phillip McCallen commented on the group’s success:

“What this group has done in its fledgling year is outstanding! Our efforts in the second year will be to capitalise on the want and need for more advanced training. We must work together with all of the IAM groups in Northern Ireland to ensure that the road safety message is far reaching and not confined to one group… the potential here is huge and we need to be prepared to spread the word and let motorcyclists know that this facility is available to enhance their skills and maximise the whole riding experience by giving skills a boost and improving technique.”

The main focus of the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists is to help make riders safer and more responsible on our roads.

Emphasis is on getting the maximum enjoyment out of the whole riding experience by boosting skills, improving technique & increasing ability and confidence.

Once a rider passes the IAM Advanced Riding Test, they will be a more controlled, confident, and ultimately, a better rider.

Trevor Baird from Ride It Right says, “Of course control, confidence, boosting your skills and increasing your ability is important, but tempered with cautious riding; to expect the unexpected on the road. Wisdom and caution in your actions and reactions to other vehicle road users can help to ensure your mortality while you are out and about.

The group was set up to cope with the demand for more advanced rider training in Northern Ireland, the charity – Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has joined forces with a number of local interested parties i.e. BikeSafe, Phillip McCallen Motorcycles, the Quay Vipers Motorcycle Club, Top Dead Centre Motorcycle Club and Adelaide Insurance Services to form this new IAM Group.

Road Safety is at the heart of the IAM, and the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists will continue to work with each of the IAM Groups in Northern Ireland to ensure that motorcyclists are aware that this advanced training exists.

Interested bikers should register their interest now in taking the IAM’s Advanced Riding by emailing the group: or contacting 028 9044 2200

If they prefer to rather get involved in rider training & testing (Observing & Examining) please also get in touch.

At Ride It Right we recommend that extra step taking an IAM Advanced Riding Test. In the meantime we also recommend watching the “Rider Risk” video series from the Motorcycle Council (MCC) of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia.

The “Rider Risk” videos are a ten part series of videos aimed at improving rider skills from: Braking – Counter steering – Protective Clothing – Crash Scene First Aid – Pillions – Cornering – Classic Crash Scenarios – Reading Road Users – Group Riding.

View the videos at “Rider Risk” – Click Here


“Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists” was officially formed on 9 September 2010, at Adelaide’s offices in Belfast and the IAM’s Group Support Manager, Dave Shenton was present to sanction the Group, adding another Group to the over 200 volunteer IAM Groups across the UK.

Group President is Phillip McCallen from Phillip McCallen Motorcycles, with Gary McComb as Chairperson.

Treasurer is Michael Montgomery from the Quay Vipers and the balance of the committee members are from Adelaide Insurance Services.

Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists Group, Northern Ireland – Click Here

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