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MAG Ireland has posted up a link to Right To Ride’s article on EU regulations “Wheat From The Chaff” pointing out, “that there is some misunderstanding surrounding the EU proposals.”

Comments from MAG Ireland:

For example, as MAG Ireland has previously pointed out, there is no EU proposal to ban bikes over seven years old from urban centers. This was in fact a domestic French proposal, and while it’s unlikely to be made law even in France, there is a possibility that it could happen. In that scenario, however unlikely it may be, the proposal could – in theory – be later taken up at EU level. So it’s not a threat we face from the EU right now.

Equally, there is no EU proposal for mandatory high viz. Again, this is a domestic proposal. In this case the first ones to propose it were our own Road Safety Authority back in 2009. The French also had a similar proposal on the table, and while riders quite rightly demonstrate against these proposals, it’s important to understand that they are not EU proposals, but domestic ones. The important thing here is that the RSA have said they intend introduce regulations for mandatory high viz, so it is a very real threat that you’ll be forced to wear one.

Read the article on MAG Irelands website – Click Here

Visit MAG Irelands Facebook page – Click Here

Protest Rides – 25th September

MAG Ireland has highlighted the various anti-bike proposal protest demonstrations against EU proposals and their own home grown quangos (Mandatory high-viz) which are timed to coincide with MAG UK’s day of action.

A number of different riders groups, individuals and biker forums are organising protest rides for Sunday 25th September to protest various anti-bike proposals both from the EU (Type approval, etc.) and our own home grown quangos (Mandatory high-viz). Our freedom to ride is under threat as never before. Protests are taking place countrywide, and are timed to coincide with MAG UK’s day of action.

Full article on the MAG Ireland website – Click Here

Demonstrations in Northern Ireland

At Right To Ride we will be bringing you a full list of demonstrations planned in Northern Ireland

In the meantime this is what we have so far from the MAG UK Facebook page.

MAG UK is coordinating demos across the UK including Northern Ireland which are starting at:

A2 – Pit Area of NW200 between Portrush and Portstewart

M1 – Junction J7/8 Sprucefield Park and Ride, Lisburn.

Map of Start Points – Click Here

There also appears to be a Demonstration Against the EU at Belfast City Hall 12:30 – 14:30 again using Facebook social networking – Click Here

Please note: In Northern Ireland public demonstrations such as the above are subject to government regulations under the auspices of the Parades Commission and the PSNI. The onus is on the organisers/coordinators/starters to ensure that these demonstrations are legal.

Right To Ride is not responsible for the organisation or coordination of the above mentioned or other related demonstrations.

“Think Bike” Demo – 24th Sept.

Finally MAG Ireland have organised a “Think Bike” demo for Saturday 24th September in Dublin with additional demos now listed for Limerick and Donegal.

MAG Irelands message is, “Tired of being ignored because you ride a bike?”

Join our Demo

MAG Irelands message is, “Tired of being ignored because you ride a bike?”
Join our Demo
Think Bike Demonstration Ride meet at Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2
Saturday 24th September 2011
Departs 11:30am Ends at the Popes Cross Phoenix Park.
The aim of this demo is to get people thinking about us as Riders – People – Citizens – Taxpayers

Article and updates on MAG Ireland’s website – Click Here

Read the Full Article on Right To Ride EU – Click Here

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  1. MAG Ireland “Think Bike” Demo
    Saturday, 24th September 2011
    • Tired of being ignored just because you ride a bike?
    • Fed up with silly rules and regulations?
    • Sick of paying 21% VAT on compulsory safety equipment?
    • Angered about the proposed new rules coming out of the EU?
    • Don’t want compulsory high-viz?
    It’s time to stand up and be counted.
    It’s time to make your voice heard!
    Join us on the MAG Ireland “Think Bike” demo
    MAG Ireland is:
    • a riders rights organisation established by bikers for bikers.
    • a voluntary non-profit organisation funded primarily by our members
    • actively promoting motorcycle use.
    • working to prevent arbitrary restrictions on motorcycle riders.
    MAG Ireland exists to promote and protect motorcycling for motorcyclists in Ireland. If you care about your freedom to ride a bike, JOIN US!
    Poster – Click Here

  2. More Demos In Ireland – And the UK to Brussels
    Independent protest, RSA (Road Safety Authority) offices, Friday 28th October 2011 – Click Here
    Independent protest ride to Dail Eireann, Saturday 29th October 2011 – Click Here
    MCN (Motorcycle News) Join our ride against stifling EU plans – Tuesday 22nd November 2011 – Click Here
    All queries must be directed to the organisers.

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