Periodic Technical Inspections for NI?

Right To Ride has responded to the European Commission’s (EU) consultation relating to Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) for motor vehicles and their trailers by submitting separate comments to the Commission’s online questionnaire.

The purpose of the EU consultation was to seek views on possible new policies regarding present arrangements on PTI and Roadside inspections which includes encouraging bilateral agreements between Member States on quality of testing, mutual recognition of PTI and exchange of information and imposing through EU legislation a standard EU-wide system for PTI.

The aim of the EU consultation is a “wish list” aiming to seek a reduction in the numbers and severity of road accidents and of emissions from road vehicles.

In Northern Ireland we already have a system of Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) known as MoT and road side enforcement in place, which differs from the rest of the UK (Great Britain) and is operated by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) that carries out 900,000 roadworthiness checks a year on cars and motorcycles, light goods vehicles, trailers, large passenger carrying vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and taxis.

At Right To Ride we consider that the system in place to carry out Periodical Technical Inspection (MoT) in Northern Ireland is one of the most comprehensive in Europe for motorcycles which are first tested at four years and over followed by an annual inspection that ensures that motorcycles are roadworthy.

What has evolved from the online consultation and the (lack of) information available is chaos.  The Commission has simply stated its intent to extend PTI to 2 wheeled vehicles (mopeds, scooters and motorcycles) across Europe through a harmonised system.

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