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BikeSafe Launch New Website to ‘Bridge the Gap’ With Post-Test Training and Enhanced Rider Safety

BikeSafe are launching their refreshed new website to provide a more interactive site that for the first time offers a streamlined web  booking service and most importantly will help to monitor the links between people attending a BikeSafe workshop and any post-test training that they subsequently undertake.

Through the new website and administration facility, riders who take part in a BikeSafe workshop and who are willing to share their information,  can be monitored to pro-actively follow post-test training activity and other rider behaviour or attitude shifts to help inform future road safety interventions for motorcyclists.

BikeSafe is about ‘Bridging the Gap’ from passing a motorcycle test into accredited post-test training. The scheme is a police led casualty reduction scheme engaging with riders to consider why motorcycle collisions are happening and how attitudes can influence risk.

Filtering, junctions, cornering, overtaking and group-riding have emerged as problem areas with really obvious things placing everyday riders in life threatening scenarios. In the classroom environment, ‘BikeSafe’ offers potential solutions to the most common causes of collisions using an international award winning DVD curriculum.

There is also a short but popular and enjoyable on-road riding element, which results in an individually tailored rider development report. This report can then be taken to an accredited training provider who will address any areas of weakness.

Even though motorcyclist casualty reduction remains the over-arching goal, the emphasis has changed so that the measure of ‘BikeSafe’ success was the number of attendees who could be influenced to present for accredited post-test training. It is a widely held view that more training, both attitudinal and technical, results in safer riders. If rider attitudes and motivations are not positively affected then technical skill interventions alone are unlikely to create positive results.

The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) who are long-time supporters of BikeSafe will be responsible for the administrative aspect of the new site.

Karen Cole , MCI’s Director of Safety commented, “ BikeSafe is a popular and important motorcycle assessment scheme. The new website will offer riders a hub of information and allows interactivity and an easy booking system.

“However, it will also now help us to follow and monitor the important link between people who participate in the scheme and how and if they go on to take further training. Each rider will have a unique reference number that will allow a better understanding of the footfall through the scheme and develop a demographic around where riders go for their post BikeSafe training.

Improving rider safety and reducing accidents through advanced training is a vital aspect of the MCI’s work and this new website that we are supporting will help us to monitor and improve casualty reductions’

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