Periodic Technical Inspections

Right To Ride is preparing a response to the European Commission internet consultation relating to Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) for motor vehicles and their trailers.

The purpose of this EU Commission consultation is to seek views on possible new policies in this area and to gather relevant information from both the public as road users and vehicle owners, as well as the industries and public authorities affected:  manufacturers, haulage companies, police, licensing authorities and others.

This is within the existing common framework for Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) for all vehicles. At present, there is no systematic mutual recognition of PTI due to the absence of a fully harmonised testing system throughout Europe.  The quality of national testing varies across EU countries, which according to the EU Commission, creates obstacles to the internal market, leading to environmental problems, affecting road safety and contributing to the administrative burden.

Furthermore, not all member states in the European Union have Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds and therefore the Commission is looking:

  • “to extend EU legislation on road worthiness testing/inspections to motorbikes and other powered two wheelers” (in ALL EU countries).

Northern Ireland already has a system of MoT (Road Worthiness Testing/Periodical Technical Inspection) in place, which is operated by a government agency – Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) – and carries out 900,000 roadworthiness checks a year on cars and motorcycles, light goods vehicles, trailers, large passenger carrying vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and taxis.

Therefore, we will be concentrating on how this legislation will affect riders in Northern Ireland.

Specifically we will focus on the DOE’s recent “Consultation on Preparing a ROAD SAFETY STRATEGY for Northern Ireland 2010-2020 20/20 Vision: Driving Forward Road Safety”, in relation to the EU’s consultation regarding type-approval requirements for Powered Two-Wheelers and the EU Road Safety Action Programme (RSAP) 2011-2020 which is considering improvements on vehicle safety, the safety of infrastructure and road users’ behaviour at European and national level.

For full details go to the consultation page – Click Here

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