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Signpost Solutions, is a company that introduced and spearheaded passively safe structures in the UK with the Lattix mast over 14 years ago. Signpost Solutions has now picked up the baton for motorcyclists and introduced a crash cushion for roadside objects called “Biker Mate”.

Working with Euro Road Safety (Cellbond), Signpost Solutions developed the completely new motorcycle safety system.

“Biker Mate” is a mini crash cushion designed to fit on “unforgiving” roadside objects such as lamp posts, telegraph poles and sign posts.

Signpost Solutions say that, “Whilst road conditions, road design or excess speed may be contributory factors, we believe an error of judgement, a vehicle malfunction or the wrong ticket in the atmospheric lottery should not lead to a potential death sentence for motorcyclists.”

The Department for Transport accidents (DfT – Great Britain – England Scotland Wales) statistics between 2003 and 2007 show that there were 250 fatalities in motorcyclists colliding with roadside objects namely traffic signs, lighting columns and telegraph poles and a further 880 serious injuries – “Biker Mate”. would help reduce this appalling statistic.


Impact tests undertaken by Euro Road safety show that Biker Mate is capable of absorbing around 600j of energy, equivalent to 100% absorption of a 75kg person, travelling at over 45kph.

This is a significant proportion of energy expected during most collisions taking into account road conditions, typical accident kinematics and typical braking prior to the accident.

Biker-Mate is made up of several layers of pressload sections (imagine an egg carton made out of plastic) inside a polypropylene case which is fitted to the structure by special brackets and steel banding.

The pressload layers are ultrasonically welded to ensure maximum interface connectivity which would be an important factor during impact.

Right To Ride Comment

Right To Ride’s, Trevor Baird, says, “Similar to motorcycle friendly crash barrier protection, we do not expect every lamp post, telegraph pole or sign post to be protected.

However “Biker Mate” fits perfectly into the recent Department of the Environment’s (DOE) consultation paper on Road Safety as a solution for action measures to: “Consider the needs and vulnerability of motorcyclists when designing new roads and implementing safety measures on existing roads” and to: “Consider provision of specific route treatments for popular motorcycle ‘runs’ such as motorcycle ‘friendly’ barriers and additional signing.”.

“Biker Mate” is indeed our motorcycling passive friend.

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Biker Mate – A Motorcyclist Crash Cushion for Roadside Objects

Biker Safe – Softening the barriers to Motor Cycle Safety from Signpost Solutions is a containment mesh which is fitted to the lower section of the barrier to absorb the energy of the rider during impact and to ensure that they do not strike the barrier support upright which is one of the main causes of serious injury and fatalities.

Photos used are taken from the first trial sites in Durham which show “Biker Mate” in use.

For further details regarding “Biker Mate” or “Biker Safe” please contact:

Alan Nicholas
SignPost Solutions

+44 (0) 121 506 4770

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