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ANCMA (Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Moto Accessori), the Italian Powered Two Wheeler industry association has launched a motorcycle safety campaign in which car drivers are called upon to watch out for motorcyclists.

The campaign “Occhio alla moto” – “Watch Out For Motorcycles” follows the theme of many motorcycle safety campaigns across the world, aiming to raise the awareness of all road users and to change their behaviour.

ANCMA points out that studies highlight that the human factor is at the origin of the vast majority of accidents and the basis of the campaign

ANCMA, say that road safety is one of the challenges faced by riders on Italian roads, with almost 10 million motorcycles and mopeds on the roads with yearly registrations well over 500,000 units.  This is why they decided to address the problem of awareness in order to contribute effectively to reducing accidents.

The campaign focuses on two different user groups: the car driver and the powered two wheeler rider. A specific message has been tailored for each user category.

The main message for riders is, “Do not take for granted that you’ll be seen” and for car drivers, “Be aware of other road users.”

Using graphics with riders and their bike/scooter bigger than a three storey building, the campaign aims to highlight the presence of motorcyclists and scooterists in traffic.

Right To Ride’s, Trevor Baird, says, ”These campaigns are always useful especially when focused at car drivers and other road users, although this campaign and its message is nothing new.  However the allocated budget – €300,000 equal to £246,000 – is jaw dropping in the extreme for the simplicity of the campaign. What we could do for motorcycle safety in Northern Ireland with cash like that, we can only dream about!”

You can let your imagination run wild.

Let us know what you would do with a quarter of a million for a campaign.

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Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Moto Accessori (ANCMA) is the Trade association that brings together Italian manufacturers of two- and three-wheeled vehicles and companies producing parts and accessories for these vehicles.

Bicycles – Mopeds and tricycles – Motorbikes, scooters and tricycles – Separate parts and accessories for motorbikes – Separate parts and accessories for cycles – Helmets.

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