Do Real Road Racers Take Precedence Over Road Legal Bikers?

The Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog comments on the state of the roads for “road legal” bikes pointing out allegedly that a considerable amount of time and money are spent, ensuring that real road racing circuits are in premium condition, well above the normal roads network that our tax’s pays for!

Motorcycle Real Road Racing Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Despite Saturday morning being such a beautiful day for biking, some of us had to work, but not one of my colleagues who turned up just to show of his latest toy – an all black BMW S1000RR Superbike – what a poseur.

Today though, having endured a 3 hour trip around our scenic local third world public roads – the BMW is back at the dealers – chipped paintwork, damaged wheels, and coolant fluid leaking from someplace it really ought not to be leaking from.

All Northern Irish motorcyclists have the right to clean roads!

So says Stephen Leathem who is asking people to join and support all motorcyclists in the pursuit to have our local government sit up and take notice of the disgraceful state of our roads – everything from potholes to farmers trailing mud all over the B-roads.

On his Facebook page, Stephen says: ‘We pay our Road Tax just like everyone else and have the right to clean, safe roads!’ and continues by asking for all motorcyclists to join the cause before there is another life, and bike ruined!

Trevor Baird at Right To Ride has rightly stated: ‘It’s not rocket science, poor road design and maintenance can contribute to motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities. The “Fix A Road” page on our website highlights the issues faced by riders from, stone chip dressing, diesel spills, non grip man hole covers, road debris, potholes.

Write To Ride also points you to the Roads Service website, where you can report a road fault and download a “Hazard Fault Report Form” for when you are out and about as an aide memoire if you come across a hazard or fault on the road that you consider is a danger to motorcyclists.

Mister angry – alias my colleague – now less his prized BMW S1000RR Superbike – also made the same point as Stephen Leathem – about having paid his Road Tax to legally use our public roads – then continued by vehmently claiming that due to incompetence, the Northern Irish public roads network is now unfit for purpose, and a danger to all legal users.

According to the Roads Service own website – an Agency within the Department for Regional Development: ‘The road network plays a vital role in promoting economic growth in Northern Ireland with 99% of freight and people movements being made by road.’ That being the case, why then has the Roads Service – under the alleged control of Minister Conor Murphy – failed to adequately maintain our much depended upon road network?

There are some roads though that the Roads service does maintain, regardless of cost – allegedly – so next time any road legal bikers want to make use of of muck and potholes free roads within our Province – travel to Cookstown, the North West, or any of our other still in use motorcycle real road race tracks, because the Roads Service allegedly spends a considerable amount of time and money, ensuring those roads are in premium condition – and also remember this – all road legal bikers, and motorists, are footing the bill – not the MCUI-UC!

As mentioned in an earlier article – BikersRVoters are contacting all of the political parties in Northern Ireland to give a political platform/soapbox for politicians and their political parties to inform motorcyclists of their views on motorcycling as part of the Northern Ireland transport mix – and are also enabling motorcyclists to get their message to politicians by offering them “The Rider’s Soap Box” which should be of interest to ALL aggrieved bikers.

Give your feedback to the wannabe politicians – tell them to sit up and take notice of the disgraceful state of our roads – Tell Them Now @ BikersRVoters

Save Our Sport From Evil

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All Northern Irish motorcyclists have the right to clean roads! – Click Here

Fix A Road – Click Here

Right To Ride – Road Safety Consultation – What’s In It For Motorcycling – Click Here

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