Verdict To Be Appealed

Click on the pic to see the NRK TV story (Norwegian only).

A message of thanks and information has reached us from “Minutes of a Motorcycle Addict” regarding our previous news story that, Norwegian riders were mad as hell after a car driver was acquitted in court for running down and seriously injuring a motorcyclist.

In the original court case the prosecutor argued that the woman who drove the car, would get a penalty of 30 days, but the court acquitted her.

Two lay judges felt that it was difficult to see the motorcyclist when drivers drove into the intersection.

We asked you to head over to the Minutes of a Motorcycle Addicts blog to leave comments.

Thanks to your comments and those from around the rest of the world the verdict is to be appealed with a new court case to decide the final outcome.

Norway’s largest broadcaster, the NRK, ran a story saying that, “Motorcyclists from all over the world have protested against the verdict in Tønsberg District Court “.

Minutes of a Motorcycle Addict, Hans Petter Strifeldt and Former President of the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) said, “ To all of you who posted your supportive comments on the blog, you made headline news this week!”

“Congratulations to you all, and thank you for your important support!”

It DOES matter!

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