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The First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety – Time for Action – took place in Moscow, on the 19th – 20th November supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility and the FIA Foundation.

Welcoming participants to the conference the Interior Minister of Russian Federation, General of the Army, Rashid Nurgaliev said, “The implementation of truly effective road safety programs requires strong political will, common aims and the mobilization of resources at every level: global, regional, national and local.”

The conference commended the WHO for its role in implementing the mandate conferred upon it by the General Assembly to work with the United Nations regional commissions to coordinate road safety issues within the United Nations system, the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration whose members are providing Governments and civil society with good-practice guidelines to support action to tackle the major road safety risk factors.

But what does this mean for motorcyclists in this small province?

Right To Rides Trevor Baird, says, “Ministers who are responsible for road safety as well as leaders from international, regional, governmental and non-governmental organizations and road safety experts took part in the conference. They invited the United Nations General Assembly to declare the decade 2011–2020 as the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”. Road safety on this scale if implemented, will eliminate global borders and finally filter down to regional, national and local levels.”

The conference adopted a four-page joint, “Moscow Declaration”, which includes specific action on vulnerable road users including motorcyclists.

“Make particular efforts to develop and implement policies and infrastructure solutions to protect all road users in particular those who are most vulnerable such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.”

The motorcycle industry and thankfully motorcyclists, were represented at the conference.

IMMA (International Motorcycle Manufacturers’ Association) Secretary General Nick Rogers, “welcomes the inclusion of motorcyclists in the declaration. The Motorcycle industry will provide inputs to the UN Road Safety Collaboration with the view to contribute to improvements in motorcycling safety.”

Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Chief Executive Officer Guy Maitre said: “It was vital to attend – the FIM is a family of 101 national federations representing motorcycling worldwide and our mission runs beyond sport, we are the global advocate for motorcycling.”

FIM Director of Public Affairs John Chatterton-Ross added: “You can be certain this new and very welcome UN action will be widely quoted from now on as we work with governments to improve safety for riders and other vulnerable road users across the world.”

Norways Erik Lahnstein State Secretary Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications presented his paper, “An Integrated Approach To Preventing Accidents Among Motorcycle Riders In Norway”.

“Norway has an integrated approach towards motorcycle riders. Close and mutually committed cooperation between user groups, rider instructors and the authorities is of vital importance in this context.”

“Human factors are the predominant cause of motorcycle accidents. Environmental factors add to the accident rates. The main focus should therefore be on initial training and infrastructure.”

“Increased awareness and knowledge about powered two-wheelers in planning, construction and maintenance of roads will provide improved safety for motorcycle riders.”

Motorcyclists in Northern Ireland need to be aware of global movements of road safety and how this may eventually affect a simple ride out on the weekend or the daily commute.

Right To Ride will continue to talk with government department representatives and to politicians to work out a sensible, practical and political solution for motorcycle safety, to recognise motorcycling as an integral part of road transport and the financial gains from biking tourism to Northern Ireland.

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