We Are Not Bugs!

A new “safety” video produced by the Norsk Motorcykkel Union (NMCU) in Norway.

The video has a comedy slant on the serious issue of car drivers that never see a motorcycle.

In Norway, 8 out of ten collisions are caused by drivers that never see the motorcycle, similar to the issue that we face here!

As NMCU says, “We are small but we’re not bugs”.


NMCU was formed in 1972 and is the sole organization looking after the interests of Norwegian road-riding Motorcyclists.

The overall objective of NMCU is to defend the bike riders’ rights and protect bike riders interests to the authorities, politicians, media and industry, both in Norway and in international forums

The Video

Play the video below, the lyrics of the song at the end of the video, which is apparently an old “happy go lucky” song go something like:

It’s sunshine outside

it’s sunshine inside

it’s sunshine in my heart

it’s sunshine in my mind – oh how the sun shines!



[youtube 8ynpGFj97Ic NMCU – We Are Not Bugs!]

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