24th February 2011 – Great campaign but not carried forward!

Local members of the motorcycle fraternity have been spurred into public action after the opening of the £45million A2 Maydown to City of Derry Airport dualling scheme, which includes the extensive fitment of wire rope barriers.

They have formed into an organized group called, A2 Bikers against Rope Barriers – (BARB)

The group has unanimously agreed that a wrong and lethal decision has now been made by Roads Service, supposedly on our behalf, resulting in a 100% rejection by bikers, of this type of Vehicle Restraint System chosen for this stretch of road.

BARB continues by saying, “Either by a mistake or design, this decision has resulted in exposing a fundamental safety flaw.”

“It is our view as lay people that instead of decreasing a greater daily risk to us motorcyclists, it has multiplied the daily risk who have to use this stretch of road in the future. “

“This is compared to other types of safety barrier choices that were available to the engineers at the time.

Right To Ride along with the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) in Northern Ireland, are 100% behind B.A.R.B. and are supporting BARB’s  mission, “to stop DRD Roads Division from updating/upgrading our roads infrastructure with any more anti motorcycling safety rope barriers until an alternative suitable barrier has been agreed by all parties for this road and past and future development.”


On Wednesday 23rd February 2011 the Roads Minister Conor Murphy, officially opened the £45million A2 Maydown to City of Derry Airport dualling scheme.

At the launch the Minister said: “The completion of this £45million project is an important step forward for the people of the northwest. The new dual carriageway will help ease congestion, resulting in improved safety and journey times for traffic travelling on this route.”

However what is clear at Right To Right is that when the Minister says that the “project” will result in improved safety for traffic travelling on this route, he has again forgotten about one mode of transport and that is the motorcycle and their riders.

For further information BARB can be contacted on

And also via the Facebook page A2 Bikers against rope barriers (BARB)

Read the BARB full press release and information – pdf 126kb – Click Here

Details of the scheme at Roads Service – Click Here

Right To Ride on barriers – Click Here

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