Don’t Overfill – Diesel Spills

Don’t Overfill!

The spillage of diesel fuel from heavy commercial vehicles, vans and cars is a danger to motorcyclists.

The result of this spillage is a very slippery and invisible surface of which the motorcyclist has no warning and it almost inevitably results in the rider and machine parting company, often with serious consequences for the rider.

The idea is that the sticker provides advisory warning on vehicles and at petrol stations for drivers that prevention is better than a cure and that drivers, both commercial and private, should remember not to overfill their tanks and to refit the filler cap securely.

Adelaide Insurance Services have agreed to sponsor the stickers. Adelaide Insurance is now Cornmarket Insurance but the Adelaide brand will remain for it’s motorcyclists as Adelaide Motorbike Insurance

Thanks to their sponsorship we can offer the stickers free of charge and have 20,000 stickers available.

The message is simple that diesel deposited on the road is a danger to motorcyclists.

By highlighting the issues to  the drivers of diesel vehicles so that they can make the road a safer place for the riders of motorcycles, scooters , mopeds  and other road users, including cyclists.


Diesel Stickers & Poster

Download poster to print – pdf 886kb – Click Here

We hope that petrol stations and large fleet operators will come on board and of course riders should seek the owners permission to place the stickers or poster.

Don’t forget to let us know where you have placed the stickers or poster – send us a picture.

We will list all companies that place stickers on their vehicles or petrol stations that place the stickers on their pumps or post information for their drivers, staff or members of the public.

You can download or order the “Don’t Overfill” poster for driver’s areas and petrol stations.


Please seek permission to place the stickers or poster at filling stations etc or on vehicles.

Diesel Spills – Clean Up!

Those who are raising awareness of the danger of Diesel Spills.

Lone Wolves Botherhood

Are persuading various filling stations to place the stickers –


Distributing stickers in their mail shots and other bikers on their travels –

Individual Motorcyclists

Persuading haulage business and transport companies to place the stickers on their vehicles.

Download poster to print – pdf 886kb – Click Here


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