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We have now moved to Motorcycle Minds as we decided to “retire” from riders’ rights, close down Right To Ride and head to a warmer climate.

Motorcycle Minds started out as a motorcycle blog in 2010 with articles on specific motorcycle issues such as advanced training, road infrastructure including crash barriers, braking systems, motorcycle legislation, electric bikes/C02 emissions, ITS on bikes and so forth.

Those articles focused on topics with a “riders rights” slant, written by ourselves. We were supported by minded contributors  from different countries and different backgrounds with viewpoints to put into one place.

Moving on from that initial stage Motorcycle Minds we hope you enjoy our posts as we aim to give fellow riders and non-riders the knowledge with which to make an informed opinion with the opportunity to comment on the issues if required, as we promote motorcycling in its various forms, the individuals and groups that ride motorcycles in all their forms.

Motorcycle Minds is about the motorcycle – scooter the Powered Two Wheeler (PTW), Trikes and Sidecars as the best means of personal transport – in countries throughout the world where it can be a family affair, a workhorse, a way of life.

In all their sizes and variations the motorcycle offers freedom, mobility, independence and an inimitable feeling of being part of the world around us.

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