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Right To Ride EU

Right To Ride has split in two, separating European from Northern Ireland issues that affect riders.

Right To Ride EU specifically focuses on European issues that affect riders.

Providing information about legislation from the EU Commission, EU Parliament as well as other motorcycling issues from other European countries and beyond.

If you have any news regarding riders’ rights issues – your campaigns – promotion of motorcycling – pertaining to motorcycling in your country  – whether a riders organisation, individual motorcyclists, as a decision maker, or an authority or agency representative please contact us.



bikersrvoterssidebar230 At Right To Ride we will be reactivating our BikersRVoters website for the 2015 General Election.

The date of the next general election has been set as 7th May 2015 to elect MPs to the Houses of Parliament.

European Parliament Elections for MEPs took place in 2014 – the next European elections will be in 2019.

Reference to the new councils in Northern Ireland is regards the new super council.

The reform of local government will see the reduction of 26 councils to 11 this process will be completed by April 2015.


Right To Ride Is Supporting

Right To Ride is supporting and promoting the following initiatives and Associations: We consider these to be a benefit to motorcycling whether concerned with motorcycle and riders safety or the positive promotion of motorcycling and motorcyclists.

Ride It Right – A safety initiative that focuses specifically through a partnership of organizations that have the same common goal – to reduce motorcycle casualties especially on “Biker Routes”.

Bikesafe Northern Ireland – The perfect introduction to skills on Hazard Awareness – Defensive Riding Technique – Junction Awareness – Cornering – Overtaking.

NABD – National Association of Bikers with a Disability –  Right To Ride supports NABD (The National Association of Bikers with a Disability) an organisation that directly helps disabled people to enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling.

First Aid For Riders – We think that a First Aid Course for motorcyclists will be beneficial not just for riders but also for other road crash casualties, even if not directly involved in rendering First Aid, but to be able to comfort/reassure conscious casualties and to help in giving confidence to stay calm at a crash scene.

Biker NI Safety Card – Bringing to Northern Ireland the Ambulance Motorcycle Club – Crash Card – In Cooperation With Organisations And Agencies. CRASH Card is the leading medical alert for motorcyclists.

The Joey Dunlop Foundation – Provides disabled accessible accommodation for disabled visitors, especially children, who wish to visit the Isle of Man.

We are also promoting:

Approved Motorcycle Instructors Association (N.I.)

Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG)


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