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car-fatality-study-2015The Northern Ireland Vehicle Occupant Fatality Report 2015

Right To Ride’s, Dr Elaine Hardy has just completed her third study which looks in-depth at vehicle occupant fatalities in Northern Ireland during 2011 and 2012.

The previous two in-depth studies analysed fatalities pertaining to pedestrians and motorcycles with each report drawing out the findings with conclusions that offer a different perspective than the “official” road safety mantra in Northern Ireland.

This latest report – Northern Ireland Vehicle Occupant Fatality Report 2015 – analyses n.48 cases of collisions equal to n.51 vehicle occupant fatalities, of which n.30 were the drivers of the vehicle responsible for the collision; n.14 were passengers in the vehicle responsible for the collision, while there were n.4 drivers of other vehicles and n.3 passengers in other vehicles fatally injured.

The cases reported in this study are the outcome of investigations carried out by the Road Traffic Collision Investigation Unit of the Forensic Science Northern Ireland between January 2011 and December 2012.

In n.29/51 fatalities (57%), only the driver was killed and there was no other occupant in the vehicle. In n.9 cases (17%) the passenger in the car involved in the collision was killed.

Six deaths (12%) occurred in three collisions, both the driver and passenger were killed.

In n.4 cases (8%) the driver of the other vehicle (not responsible for the collision) involved in the collision was killed and separately n.3 passengers (6%) in the other vehicle involved in the collision was killed.

Based on the information available in the FSNI files, there were 67 other occupants injured, ranging from serious to slight.

35.3% (n.18) of those deceased was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision.

In n.24/48 cases the driver lost control of the vehicle and this caused the collision. In n.17 of these cases no other vehicle was involved.

In n.18/48 cases, evidence of alcohol or drugs was found in the blood of the driver responsible for the collision.

In n.8/15 cases where the driver was aged between 17 and 25 years, the driver had consumed alcohol over the legal limit, ranging from 97mg per 100 ml to approx. 280mg per 100 ml.

In four of these cases, evidence of drugs e.g. cocaine, cannabis or Diazepam were found in the driver’s blood.

In total n.11/15 (73%) of young drivers had consumed alcohol and/or drugs.

The study and analysis of the findings of the Road Traffic Collision Investigation Unit – Forensic Science Northern Ireland and a selection of Coroners’ reports was carried out by Elaine Hardy PhD, Research Analyst and supported by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund.

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