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look-twice-for-bikes-mag-ireland-250MAG Ireland calls on motorists to be “Bike Aware”

If your heading down South this weekend MAG Ireland – The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association – is calling on motorists to be “Bike Aware” so maybe, just maybe other vehicle drivers will be looking out for motorcyclists?

MAG Ireland is calling for drivers to be “Bike Aware” this bank holiday weekend.

Not only is it one of the busiest weekends of the year on the roads, it’s also the height of the biking season.

Our advice for drivers is simple – “Look twice for bikes”

  • Look twice before changing lanes or turning left or right
  • Look twice before pulling out of a junction
  • Look twice at roundabouts

Our advice for riders is equally simple – “Ride defensively”

  • Riding defensively means riding like you expect the unexpected.
  • Riding defensively means thinking ahead and giving yourself time to react
  • Riding defensively means being in the right position at the right speed in the right gear for the conditions.

We want everyone – riders, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike – to have a safe and enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

Ride Safe!

And who would not agree with all of that…………………

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  1. Bob Craven says

    As regards to other drivers I would suggest at junctions to stay longer, look longer and then a motorcyclist may live longer. Same with all roundabouts …..look longer and KEEP looking.
    As regards motorcyclists they to should appear to be less aggressive and pull back , not tailgate. Its not only an offence thats not the important thing but so very dangerous. By being further behind, say the overall stopping distance shown in the H.C. one can see more and actually and this is more important be seen by more, traffic pedestris etc. not hidden by a vehicle in front. So often the following on position is far to close . Sometimes I have seen bikers follow on about 10 ft. no more than 15 ft behind a or lorry van and travelling at 50 mph.
    Some may argue that they were in the overtake position but where is that in the Highway Code…. it doesn’t exist . We see it in the Police manual but that’s for police officers basically and shouldnt really be there as it is contrary to all advice re safe stopping distances. Think about it and you would have to agree that it is endorsing a to close and therefore very dangerous position. In fact the overtake position is the worlds worst position to be in being so close to the vehicle to be overtaken that one could not stop in the event of a change of circumstance ahead and that one would be totally un aware of happening due to ones close proximity.
    Its no use arguing that a rider should always have a secondary position or emergency get out course should an accident happen in front of them. That presumes that the so called safe space will not be filled up with the carnage of other vehicles. Possibly completely blocking the road in front. The only safe space is one far enough back in order to stop in time and avoid hitting the vehicle or vehicles in front. We must remember the GOLDEN RULE THAT WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO STOP IN THE DISTANCE SEEN TO BE CLEAR and that also means IN YOUR CARRIAGWAY . WITHOUT NEEDING TO DEVEIATE ACROSS THE ROAD.
    There is a Campaign being run at the moment called SPACE IS SAFE. Its easy to follow. Around town and in 40 mph areas be just be one single lamp post apart or behind the vehicle in front. That would be between 90 and 120ft.
    On faster roads at 50 and 60 mph. be two lamp posts apart and that is a safe stopping distance for those speeds.
    On a motorway keep one marker post between yourself and other vehicles in front as these are 100 meters about 330ft apart and that is just more than the 315ft stopping distance in the H.C.
    If one adopts this position on the road then life would be a little less frenzied and easier to see and be seen. Try it and see. It works.
    Motorcyclist or car driver or not all can do it.

  2. The problem with the ‘space is safe’ concept is that it doesn’t work for the classic ‘car violates the motorcycle’s right of way’ collision at junctions. You can be following at whatever distance you feel is right and if someone turns into that space from the left or from ahead, then you’re still in trouble if:
    a) you’re not expecting it
    b) you don’t know what you’re going to do about it
    c) you haven’t practiced hard braking and swerving
    The key to avoiding SMIDSY type collisions is to know where vehicles MIGHT pull across in front of you and to then ride as if the driver is about to make the ‘looked but did not see’ error. If you’re not taken completely by surprise by such a situation developing in front of you, then you’re far less likely to fail to take evasive action, which is exactly what happens in most of these collisions. Police accident recreations conclude that in many cases, the bike could have got the rider out of trouble IF the rider had been able to give it the right inputs.
    Remember… GAPS = TRAPS!
    No Surprise? No Accident nosurprise.org.uk

  3. Bob Craven says

    Kevin. Thank you for your contribution.
    I would like to think that if a gap is a trap then Space is Safe is a good rhyme that is easily remembered. Surely a rider must be instructed as to why a gap is a trap or do you just give the rhyme and expect them to find out why by themselves.. I hope not. My Campaign is not like your campaign which is supposed to be a complete panacea. I don’t believe in such a thing. Not in Road Safety anyway.
    The Space is Safe Campaign is initially aimed at easily changing riders and drivers and all other road users behaviour to the understanding that they can be safer and have less stress without losing any independence or freedom or liberty. They will also benefit from less petrol consumption and less brake usage.
    To be more aware and more conscious of ones surroundings To give and receive more Space and therefore to be able to act in good time before a smidgy or indeed any dangerous circumstances happen. Now I ask you, can that work on merely a few rhymes and no instruction as to how one rides and behaves in the wide and varied circumstance that can confront any rider or driver on a road scenario where circumstances can change second by second. Knowledge can indeed change behaviour and for the better.
    My Campaign is designed to make one aware of any vehicle that comes in between that space or one that may wish to enter it. As the H/C says allow an overtake and then reduce speed and go back to Safe |Space. With sufficient space one can indeed enter another road without causing any distress to another vehicle whether turning into the traffic flow or turning across it. So many drivers see little space [ a gap] and try to gain an advantage and rush out causing others to slow or stop or alter course in order to avoid them. |Or indeed a smidgy. With Space that will become less of a circumstance as any vehicle entering that Space will not cause the same response or indeed anger and frustration. Holding back will mean not only a safer ride but being more alone with increased Space a less stressful one.
    In my Campaign it is important to read that Speed and Space ‘as inseperable. A rhyme . The two go together as easily as the ‘More Speed Needs More Space, another rhyme and Less ‘Space Less Speed’…… is another.
    I would hope that this answers you question and lays out some more of the foundations of the Space is Safe Campaign for all other readers and that they try to give more space without losing anything but gaining such a lot more in terms of easier and safer riding and driving.
    Something that we all can transpire to with a little thought and understanding.

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