Fake Motorcycle Helmets

helmet-dodge-250Paramedics and Road Safety Professionals Warn about FAKE Motorcycle Helmets

The Ambulance Motorcycle Club www.ambulancemotorcycleclub.co.uk are warning motorcyclists about the dangers of purchasing motorcycle helmets on Internet auction sites.

Motorcyclists are required by law to wear a safety helmet which must be type approved.

This single piece of personal safety equipment is vital in protecting the rider against injury in an accident.

The fit of the helmet is essential to its correct function.

The Ambulance Motorcycle clubs General Secretary Mr Ian Burrell MBE Paramedic Pped a DVSA accredited Motorcycle Instructor and Motorcycle Training School director reports that fake helmets have been presented by students enrolling on Compulsory Basic Training Courses.

“The Student had acted in all good faith in purchasing a helmet through eBay. Upon inspection prior to him starting the course we noticed that the helmet did not have the correct safety approvals for motorcycle use and was flimsily constructed.”

Said Ian, the student had checked the listing and seen that the helmet was sold as having the legally required ECER22.05 European safety standard, however the helmet did not have any approval stickers or labels and was flimsily made.

“It was like a washing up bowl with a visor, definitely unsuitable for use on the road.”

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) were advised and quickly circulated a bulletin to motorcycle trainers warning of the dangers of counterfeit helmets.

Since uploading a video of the helmet to you tube over seven hundred riders have either viewed the clip or been in contact with the training school seeking advice on the correct approval.

No one should ever buy a helmet without seeing it first.

Advises Peter Swanwick Road Safety Officer at Southend On Sea Borough Council.

You might save a few pounds by buying one on line but you are not able to check that it fits properly and that it has the correct type approval.

In a crash, a correctly fitted and approved helmet will help protect your brain, your face, and your life.

If you have bought one on line and it does not fit or is not approved – send it back immediately for a refund.


Check on the safety helmets approvals rating program website to see how your Helmet performs in an accident – sharp.direct.gov.uk

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  1. Rev Fred Cowan says

    I am currently serving as N I chaplain with C M A N I. I attend road races Bike Shows, international events and club opportunities as come in to our secretary, as many as I am able to fit in. I have come across the BIKERNI SAFETY CARD and am running out of the few I picked up at a bike shop. I am passionate about safety and would be happy to get about 200 cards. Could someone help me to acquire a stock to help me spread the word please? Fred.

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