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mag-ireland-parking-250Waterford officially becomes Ireland’s first Motorbike Friendly County

MAG Ireland (The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association) today announced the official launch of dedicated parking provision for PTW (Powered Two Wheelers) vehicles in Waterford City, Tramore and Dungarvan. This is a first for Ireland and is being administered following months of discussions with Waterford City and County Councils. As a consequence of these discussions Waterford County is the first in Ireland to include a by-law provision for PTW in its published Traffic Management Plans.

In January of this year MAG Ireland presented a submission to the Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) at Waterford Municipal Council to consider the provision of dedicated parking facilities for PTW vehicles in the major conurbations of Waterford County. “To be honest I was amazed at the positive and constructive support from everyone involved in this initiative” said Victor Donnelly MAG Ireland PRO and Co. Waterford native.

The objective of dedicated PTW parking is to alleviate congestion in Waterford and put in place a dedicated parking facility, which is free for PTW vehicles at key locations in the City and County. “MAG Ireland are very supportive of recent initiates to promote cycling as an alternative to using a car, especially in Waterford City” said Victor “The cycle initiative will only work if you live within 6 km of your end destination, however should you live further than 6km MAG Ireland is recommending the use of motor scooter, moped and motorcycle as an alternative to the car. Now that there are dedicated parking zones, that are 100% free to use, we believe this will greatly help to alleviate congestion and will help business and tourism through the freeing up of valuable car parking spaces”.

parking1a-250MAG Ireland is keen to point out that no existing car parking spaces have been used to facilitate PTW parking, “the staff at Waterford Municipal Council have been brilliant in suggesting locations that are ‘dead space’ for PTW parking. Having conducted our own surveys MAG Ireland was able to identify other locations and submit our proposals to the Council. In all this was a project that everyone wanted to make happen and the cooperation between all entities has been very positive” said Donnelly.

Following the success of implementing a provision for PTW parking in the current traffic plans for Waterford City and County, MAG Ireland will now use this positive experience and work with authorities in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Dublin. “Waterford is the first County in Ireland to adopt a ‘bike friendly’ attitude and ensure its success through the amendment of by-laws within the County” said Donnelly “This is a precedent that other County’s need to observe and implement to their own traffic plans, with a view to reducing traffic congestion and ensuring a safe and free space to park PTW’s for day visitors, business people and tourists who would otherwise ignore the City centers due to lack of adequate facilities”.

Excellent news from our friends at MAG Ireland, we will have some news regarding free parking in Belfast – which has seen the first motorcycle free parking bays at Linenhall Street and  Bankmore Street.

The  two locations were chosen as they were shared with the new public – Coca Cola – bicycle hire scheme – with a plan to introduce five other Free On-Street Motorbike parking through public consultation.

Is the whole of Ireland really becoming motorcycle friendly?

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